I just sent out a text asking when do I harvest

I just sent out a text message asking when the best way to know when to harvest , my branches are brown and Harding , I can see the hairs are turning brown I can see a lot of cristals on the buds and I’ve been just using water to flush it out , I don’t have a jewelers scope to see anything. But here’s some pictures maybe it might help.


From the pictures the pistils still look white. In my opinion it’s not ready yet, but it’s hard to tell. You really need to check the trichomes.


I agree with @raustin, the pistils (white hairs) have not seem to have changed colors yet (not that I can see). I would guess 3 or 4 weeks more (just a guess). Most the pistils will turn red/brown/orange when you are close.

How old are they and how long have they been in flowering…

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Not to mention the length of the pistles that you have. As the plant matures, the calyx (the little resin glands that the hairs are coming from), will begin to swell with oils and make the pistles appear much shorter.

Now your stoner eternity of a wait begins…


The girl looks really good, but like @raustin @Ron330 @FloridaSon have said… lots of white hairs wait you must…
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