I just over watered my Plant

What can i do with over watered plant? I stopped feeding her for about 4 days. Soil looks dry and no mold there. A few leaves turning yellow but not all. Green leaves looks tiny and thin. Buds grows slowly, i hope she bounce back
Temps. 25°C-27°C day/ 24°C night / RH. 30-40% / light HPS 400w / pH6.5 / nutes 25%

How far into flower are you?

7 weeks (12/12) so it’s 6th week of flower

The yellowing is normal at this stage as for over watering just leave the fans on and it will dry out and recover they look great but you will be good the longer they go The more energy the bud will pull from the leaves and make them shrivel up and die @RubiBANANA666


yeah i can see how dead leaves falling down. the yellow leaves have sugar so i don’t pull them out. The plant has a lot of green leaves, that’s a good sign i think…
I have 20gal pot, how much i should water now? 2 gals water was way to much

After adding food…check and balance the PH. Best to pour plain water first and let soil soak it up…then add the PH’d food…it will stay better and less shock for the plant.

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Exactly what @tanlover442 said. And no idea how much to water. But take it slowly. Water in circles or some kind of pattern nice and easy. Stop. Let her soak it up. Then pour somemore. Continue stop and start until you have nice runoff. Not flushing levels but enough to check pH if u needed to. Remember. Nice and steady around the soil.

And they look great man. Dont kill urself. We have all overwatered before

@tanlover442 @PurpNGold74 @Hogmaster ok thx man. i will follow your advice guys. I think she bounce back…i was just scared when i saw it for the first time

she produce still new leaves? I can see the typical “cola” shape. Best looking Bud in the House


She bounce back.

HPS 400w + T5 144w

monday was the last day i feeded. How often should i feed her? every 2 days or every 3 days? Are 10% nutriens ok? White Pistils still coming out and turns slowly to amber color…

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You are gonna want to feed up until about two weeks before harvest and make sure you do a full flush as well. Same time u stop feeding

ok thx sir. I feed her once a week. She needs 2-3 weeks to harvest

There ya go, follow your manufacturer suggestion for feeding schedule unless u use ur own. I use fox farm nutes and off the top of my head I think i use half what they recommend for the actual dosage (1/2 tsp per gal instead of 1 tsp gal). Keep in mind most manufacturers will have too high of a recommendation, not all. I’ve always went by using half then adding more as the plants react.

Also, if you only have 2-3 weeks left you are probably only gonna get another feeding. Just remember to flush, real important to give ur plant time to use up those last remaining nutes so your smoke doesn’t taste nasty

yes i use hesi products with hesi bloom boost for late flowering stage. (25% nutes)
should i lower my pH? im running at 6.5. Last week i has 6.3, it was to low.

I would keep it where you have been for flower unless you need to adjust it for a reason.