I just got a new worm farm

Hey guys ive been making a worm farm for a while now but it is only a tote so i went out and brought a worm farm kit it comes with soil and compost conditioner it keeps the ph right for the worms and it comes with a brick of coco coir i paid $84 which os cheap compared to other places that want $160 for the same thing i cant wait to use my own worm castings and to get good results

It does have another tray for it aswell


Does every level have the spacers? I have a different type and each tray just fits into the one below, literally sitting on the worm bed, so I feel like I need to use little blocks to not squash them (VermiTek Garden)

This one has small spacers built in

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That’s nice! Wish mine did. It seems the sensible thing to do

Yah ive been waiting for a good cheap worm farm all the others want $160 for a worm farm

Yeah I think I paid almost $150 for mine. It does have 4 levels and a spigot and stuff, but no risers? WTH :woman_facepalming:

Yah mine has one more Tier to put in and it has a tap on it aswell

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Awesome :sunglasses:

I just ordered 1000 composting worms for $43

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Red wrigglers?

Na there is a mix of five species that im getting theres tiger worms, African night crawlers ,blue worm i think and two other species

Hmmm and they can all go in the same habitat? I tried putting some earthworms from my yard into my bin with the red wrigglers and the disappeared, presumed dead I think they need to be able to go deeper that the worm bin allows idk….