I just don't know

So, in all my years growing I’ve never cut off a branch on purpose. Today, after all my reading around and thinking about it I pruned some bottom branches. Wanted better air flow underneath…blah blah

As I’m looking at one that’s pretty bushy, I’m wondering if I should prune some of the smaller branches in the middle 🤷 any opinions?

I feel as if I’m cutting off potential buds though even if small…

I’m pretty sure I’ve read that the natural sunlight penetrates better than indoor/LEDs. If it were mine, I would only trim your plant if I felt it would help air circulation.

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@Freebud @Oheeeoh personally, I aim for quality not quantity. I trim not only the lower third of the plant, but a 3rd of the way up the main branches, and worthy side branches on those mains as well. I aim to tell her during late veg/early flower, to work on these cola sites. Focus energy there!! Just how I do it and I’ve got some big ol’ donkey d@#ks going on with one of them right now. Quite the metaphor.


@Freebud @Oheeeoh would be benefit from some Backsytrap Unsulphered Molasses at this point? never used it before.


I’m sure the molasses helped but I think just good growing you nailed it nice plant

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@dirtydave yeah I think I’m gonna try it. can’t hurt. just for shits and giggles ya know!


Very nice colas👍

I trim for air circulation right before or at preflower. Then 3 weeks later or after the stretch. I remove any branches that aren’t gonna make it to the top or outside. Without good air circulation you can get bud rot. I also remove big fan leaves up high if they are blocking light and I can’t tuck them. After that I only remove stuff I missed previously or leaves that are dead or damaged.

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With the molasses, watch out for bugs or pests. They go for the sugar. Nice bushy plant ya got there!!!

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Pre flower and just starting to flower. I think I will continue the pruning on the bushier one this year as I did experience bud rot a few years back.

@Borderryan Always have to watch out for them damn bugs when growing outdoors. Thanks for the tip on the molasses, I haven’t used that as of yet. Been growing a lot of years, but still learning the “right” way to grow. Meaning, putting a little more effort in on my part. Reading through these forums I’m afraid I’ve been a lazy grower all these years 🤷


This forum is free college!!!


@Packof3 @dirtydave @plumbdand @Borderryan I did some more pruning today, 3 of the 5 plants anyway. Since in all my years I’ve never done this, it was hard to cut off branches on purpose. As I was doing it though I could see the point, if that makes sense. I mean I remove all the sucker branches on my tomatos.

Anyway, my question to any and all of you or anyone is. Do I remove the fan leafs too? Aren’t they needed to absorb the sunlight? Thanks in advance for any opinions.

I won’t even try to answer. I’m fresh out the gate with this stuff. You are further than I am lol! But I appreciate the gesture. I hope it gets straightened out and we get to done done good looking nugs on your post later

My bad @plumbdand you answered that already. That’s kinda what I thought today, I’mma take these small sucker branches wait a few weeks and see who catches up. Start removing old or in the way fan leafs and behind branches later.

Thanks anyway @Borderryan shit I been doing it 40 years and I’m asking questions. Since I have a little more time now, they are in a much easier location to fuss with. Plus I have 5 why not try something different?

Next year for sure I’m going to try a different potting soil. I’ve always used Miracle Grow. But after reading a lot on these threads, that’s not MJ friendly🤷 It’s worked for me but imma try and do better.

I think you just started flowering so only take the fan leaves inside that don’t get much light (for better air circulation) and any that are blocking other bud sites, most do a heavy defoil before flip and at 21 days of flower. Then at 42 days almost all can go. There are different theories on this but you won’t kill the plant either way
Good luck plant is looking good :sunglasses:

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Molasses will actually feed microbes in the soil and when the plant absorbs it…it will act as a natural bug deterrent…also it just might give your buds a better taste…this is easily found knowledge with a google search and if you wanna know about the advantages of using it during feeding do a little more homework you might be surprised of it’s benefits for cannabis

I was once told that for the biggest buds on your plant…leave all the leaves

I’ve also read that a trim right at the start of flower and then again in the 21st day of flower will basically “tell” your plants to focus on the buds instead of storing energy in leaves….

Mainly I trim to reduce bud rot risks and if you’re in a crazy region with high heat and humidity, trimming is gonna be something that is needed…there really isn’t any bad time to do this as long as ya don’t stress out your plant by stripping her down

Good luck :sunglasses::facepunch:t2:

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I use it as well, but the sugars attract bugs. I’m not saying throw it out lol.

How are you feeding the molasses to your plants?

@Freebud I don’t generally start defoliating until I’m well into flower. I remove fan leaves at that point to expose bud sites and to eliminate leaves on leaves, and to improve air flow. I find if I defoliate fairly aggressively they bush back out within 4-5 days. I defoliate all the way through flower right up to flushing. The one thing I find by defoliating is it’s a great opportunity to really get in there and inspect what’s going on. May find some pests, and signs of mold that you wouldn’t otherwise see.