I just bought a new hps/mh light and tent but have wrong size ducting

Is there any way to rig something up to get me by until I get the right ducting?

Get dryer vent hose from lowes or home depot

Well I think I’m gonna need actual hvac venting because it’s bigger than dryer ducting I have some aluminum tape so I’m just gonna rig it up by taping it to the smaller ducting I have for now all this new stuff kinda has me tapped out

Its either 6"or 8 " ducting… and they do have reducers but I would not recommend trying to convert to a smaller size from either end… you’ll need to be pulling or pushing a certain amount of cfm that’s required for your setup… if you start short doggin things it’s just going to make things harder to manage… as far as your environment is concerned… :wink:


I got it rigged till I can get to the hardware store light is cool to the touch and temp in tent is 77 rh is 57%