I jus need feed back on how my girls look these both come from ILGM WW and BG they germinated 8/05/2019


Looking good! How long did yours stay in seedling stage until your first nodes popped?

About 2-3 days these are photoperiod

Looks good - they’re gonna take off! Great temps and rh

Does the grow space look to small

Grow space looks to be a 3 by 3 should be fine for two plants . Keep up the good work.

Dam ur good it’s a 3x3x6 with a 600w led full spectrum what do u assume my yield would be. I plan on topping today or tomorrow and using a trellis net.opinions?

Its all relative.

Is this ur first grow?
How long do you plan on vegging? Like when u wanna flip to 12-12?
What dirt and nute line u running?
Do u own a pH or TDS meter? (Get them quick)

Perfect age to top. N lovely little ladies u got there. :+1:t5::+1:t5: Best of luck

Yes first grow I’m using coco loco and kind soil no nutes if I use any it’ll be a very bare minimum nutes come from ILGM… plan to veg at least 8-10 weeks been running ph at 6.8-7.0 in 5gal cloth buckets

Dude I spoke to u and carol I think her name was when I first started I posted a pic what they look like now

Ha sorry man. I gotta be reading ~100 journals daily n chitchatting on others. Everyone kinda blends in. Think i amember tho. For coco and Kind soil… id bring it down JUST a tad. The pH. 6-3-6.7 (@SilentHippie what say u o Kind soil Chief n @Ncgreenthumber ur on Kind as well no?)

If everything goes smoothly? 600w LED Blurple (it aint 600… probably more like 180-300) but 250 actual watts. U want a gram a watt. N 2 month veg thats easily achievable. So 250 grams divided by 30… 6-8 ounces. Now thats if u do everything solid and no speed bumps. Should be in that range

I shoot for 6.5 ph also but 6.7 -6.9 is acceptable for me.

I like to keep it 6.4 -6.7 definently no higher or lower for me but that’s just me.

Plants look great though man !