I hope to prove that an old dog can be taught new tricks, with some help from the kind folks at ILGM


@Sl1;@FreakyDeekie; @Rugar89, thanks for the advise about trimming the lower leaves. I thought it was probably time for it, but wasn’t sure. All of the ladies just had a trim and are looking pretty good. All three of the ladies are autos. I would like to keep them in veg phase as long as possible due to my earlier mistakes which has resulted in the girls being somewhat slow in their development. Thanks, Jitters


@jitters since they are autoflowering you have to just let them do their thing, they are programmed to do so. I’m not sure how much you can manipulate their flowering switch - if at all. My Blueberry auto has been at 12/12 and she still seems to be on the same pace as average flowering time to harvest. One of your plants is preflowering from the looks of it and the others have that light swirly tops starting to form so congrats, you are on your way!

It’s also my understanding that autos don’t tolerate much pruning - although I have done it to mine in the past because I couldn’t control humidity at the time.

I think Hogmaster nailed it, just let them grow. :grin::peace_symbol:

They are really cute plants! One of my first plants was a WW auto and although she only got 12" tall she produced a lot of great weed!


Knows the time to top it if you have not done already


@hogmaster, thanks for the tip, I will top the ladies off today. Jitters


@Hogmaster; @Sl1; After you suggested that I should top the plants, I read a few articles that say you should not top auto flowering plants. Since my 3 girls are all auto flowering, can I still top them as suggested?
Thanks, Jitters


I do I usually fim them though


I topped one white widow auto and fimmed the other @Jitters, first time grower for me so I probably shouldn’t have but they are both turning out nice so far, the topped one better than the fimmed one. I might have waited to late to fim the one, lots of buds but they don’t seem to be growing very quickly, maybe gave the plant too many buds to care for and grow. On the other hand they seem to be doing very well. I am glad I tried my hand at it though!


Both of my autos in the photos I posted above are topped.


Sorry to confuse you, Jitters, that was my understanding but it sounds like others have had success with it!


@FreakyDeekie, well I just topped all 3 of the ladies, so we will see!!
After trying a few different options to cool down my tent, I decided to run a 6 inch line into the tent and stuck a 6 inch fan in front of the hose. So far I have been having pretty good results and was able to lower the tent temp by 4 degrees, which isn’t bad at all. Now that the lights are on, we shall see what how it works. FYI,


@Rugar89, thanks for the info about topping. Appreciate it and have now topped my 3 girls. Jitters


Mine only took a week for the new tops to grow in. :mask:


This forum is awsome really good people with really good advise. No bullshiters if they don’t know the answer to a question they will refee you to the right places I have even had someone research a product and explained it to me in terms I could understand


Got any pics of the topping done today!?:wink:


@Sirsmokes that’s what we’re here for buddy :wink:


I’ve had really good luck doing it and so have a lot of other people I’m 10 for 10 I definitely wouldn’t tell anybody to do anything I wouldn’t do to my plants :wink: But you know that @Sl1 lol


It’s defiantly nice to be able to ask anything and get a timely answer that could potentially be a crop lost for noobs


My next venature is some of ilgm autos


You can’t go wrong with any of them I’ve tried them all but one or two had great results won bud of the month with one of them anything you can grow and 70 1090 days is good in my book :wink:


@FreakyDeekie, Eureka!!! In an attempt to lower the temps in my 4X4 ft tent, I decided to try sticking a short length of duct type pipe into the door of the tent and securing it shut. I then affixed a small 6 inch fan to the external end of the duct which blows into the tent, hopefully lowering the tent temps!! It worked very well, bringing my tent temps (under lights) from a previous high around 89 to 90 degrees to a new high of 82 degrees. As far as I’m concerned, that is just about what the doctor ordered. Yeeehaaaaaa!!!
FYI, Jitters