I hope to prove that an old dog can be taught new tricks, with some help from the kind folks at ILGM


I see a trip into town tomorrow to a big box store, lord help me?


Lol its worth the investment you definitely wont regret it lol and actually doesn’t cost all that much


I probably should have not ordered those LEDs, LOL. I did kind of like that 600 watt HPS. Oh well!


@majiktoker, thanks for the info and the site but I also could not open the site. Will try later, thanks again for the suggestion. @jitters


@freakydeekie, somehow I must have missed something but in order to look this device up, what is this thing called?Thanks, @jitters


Try this @Jitters . It’s actual instructions or just type in fan copper tubing iced water and you tube videos will pop up. I wanted the actual instructions so I could get sizes of stuff so I am looking at this right now. http://www.instructables.com/id/Homemade-air-conditioner/


Lol you could always just ask


@freakydeekie, after asking questions about this device, I also look up this homemade air conditioner on Google and found lots of great ideas. I will soon put together my own small AC unit which I am hoping will do the job and cool down my grow tent. Thanks to everyone for your suggestions and advice.@jitters


Heading into town here in a couple of minutes in hopes of finding what I need at reasonable prices @Jitters. I am not too mechanically inclined but since my spouse is not approving of my endeavors at the moment I will have to figure this out myself.


@freakydeekie, good luck constructing your ac unit! I’m hoping to set mine up this evening and am looking forward to some lower temps!


Got all of my stuff to build my cheapo a/c. Had a $15.00 credit slip from Menards, so all together it cost me $32 bucks and some change. I had a box fan already so didn’t have to foot the bill for that! I will start working on it tomorrow, not a mechanical person but this looks pretty easy, as things go! We shall see. Thanks again @Majiktoker!!



Not a problem its super simple to put together


@majiktoker; @Rugar89;@SL1; @FreakyDeekie; @hogmaster It has been a week since I updated photos of the girls so I thought I would show you guys how much growth my ladies have shown in one week. Just PH water and lots of tenderness, LOL!!!



Looking good @Jitters <3 Did you get your fan built yet, and if so, how much did it lower your temps? Life has gotten in the way since I bought the stuff to do mine so there should be nothing stopping me from getting it done either Saturday or Sunday. Plus the heat finally broke here, so much so that the house AC is off and all of the windows are open! It dropped to 53 last night!


@freakyDeekie; I finished the fan in a cooler but have been ill for a while, so never finished. However I tried it once altho I did not have enough ice in the cooler, so the temps only went down about 3 degrees, which is still not low enough. Thinking maybe a portable AC unit will work, just not sure yet. Good luck with yours, please let me know how it turns out. Jitters


@hogmaster; majiktoker; @Rugar89; @SL1;@FreekyDeekie; It has now been seven weeks now since I started rehabilitating the girls and although they are looking pretty good, they are very full and I am wondering if it is time for me to start thinning out some of the lower branches? Your thoughts please.
Thanks, Jitters


I only trim the ones hanging down below the top edge of the pot, and the ones with leaves touching the soil. Mainly just because it makes it easier to water without splashing nutes on them when feeding.

I think your worrying way to much about your temps. I will be starting week 10 on Weds, and my temps have been in the 90s every day since sprout, with a few days over 100deg. and my girls just take it in stride.
These were taken three days ago.



I hope you are feeling better @Jitters!! I have not put my fan together yet, although I have all the parts to make it. My husband appropriated my box fan just when I was getting ready to use it but he is done with it now so I am going to get that thing put together either today or tomorrow, I have not trimmed any lower leaves yet except for those that have turned yellow and are on their way to falling off. Thought about doing it but kind of hesitant at this point


Looking good and starting to flower. Remind me, are these autos?


I would just let them grow for now wait to do any trimming :wink: