I hope to prove that an old dog can be taught new tricks, with some help from the kind folks at ILGM




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This morning I started to water the girls and inadvertently put just a little too much water in one pot, which is only a 2 gal one. Got a little runoff, so I tested and found that the PH was 6.5 and the water also tested 268PPM. I have no idea how many PPM is normal nor what to do next. Please let me know what I do now!!! Thanks again!
The girls are doing fine by the way, but I am now wondering if I should transplant the girl in the 2 gal pot and put her in a 5 gal pot for the duration, or whether I should just leave well enough alone. Your thoughts please!!!



lol your runoff is perfect dude, just keep doing what you’re doing!! Great job @Jitters!



@Jitters looking really good! Just keep doing what you were doing.


Oops, I forgot to upload one of the girls, and here she is! This is the girl in the 2 gal pot, to transplant again or not??


OK, let me try once more!!! There she is!!
Thanks for words of encouragement, they really do help!!!




That’s the sweet spot @Jitters, keep up the good work!


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While watering the girls today, I noticed one or two very small gnat-like things flying around one of the ladies. I guess this is some sort of animal that I should try to get rid of, no?? All suggestions gladly accepted. What do I do now??


Sticky yellow fly traps they are harmless and will catch any thing flying, fungus gnats come around in an area that is generally to moist. Figuratively speaking once every thing dries up you should have nothing to worry about @Jitters


I’d let them(or it?) get bigger before transplanting… what size is your light?


@majiktoker, thanks for the response, I can now breathe a little easier!!


@Majiktoker; @bob31; @Sl1; @hogmaster;@ getbackjojo; @ktreez420;@rugar89; I have come to the conclusion that even though I have 2 six inch fans and one 20 inch fan in my 4x4 foot grow tent, with ac from a vent going straight into the tent, the tent gets a bit too warm with my G8 LED, 600 watt light. Temps get up to 89 or 90, which is too hot. Does anyone know of a good, smallish portable ac unit that I could use to cool the tent down. The ac would have to have a 15 foot hose for me to vent the exhaust through a nearby window. I have a 6 inch X 20inch carbon filter hooked to an inline fan, with the exhaust pulled out and vented on the side of the tent.
Any other suggestions gladly accepted. Thanks again, in advance!! LOL


You could get a small 1 gallon jug fill it with ice water and run a couple small copper worms around in them so it circulates through the copper piece and back into the jug blowing out ice cold air or Atleast nice cool air


I got a nice portable AC unit off craiglist last earlier this month. Only cost me $100 and it dropped my temps from 77-87F down to 70-77F. I’m super happy about my buy and new addition to the grow room. I always check Craigslist first for a ton of things that I buy. I’m too trusting lol, but then again, everything I’ve ever bought has turned out to work perfectly!



@Majiktoker, could you expand on that copper tubing thing, running through ice water? I understand the concept but am not visualizing exactly where the copper tubing is running to and from? Having heat issues too, and in fact just ordered 2 LED lights thinking this might solve part of the problem, using 600 watt HPS now until they arrive but now thinking they aren’t going to be that much cooler. I need to close up my tent in the next few days to start flowering on my Gold Leafs. I can keep my tent temps around 82-84 but experimentation shows me that temps climb quickly up to 91-92 closed up, even with a 304 CFM exhaust fan 2 6 inch fans circulating, intake vent open and bottles of fz 2 liter water being blown on by the intake fan.



@FreakyDeekie here is a video on how to do it


Thanks @Majiktoker , couldn’t access that link for whatever reason so I looked it up, which I should have done to begin with I guess. I have seen this video before and thought about doing that at some point and then decided it probably wouldn’t work. Fan too big for my tent but I could do that with a fan and sit it in front of my biggest passive intake vent. I bet it would work. Thank you for helping me think!! :smile:


@Majiktoker that’s awesome thank you!


Not a problem, it should work it works in a 100 degree desert

@Sl1 my pleasure sis I usually have to do that in the summer along with running the AC to keep my plants cool