I hope to prove that an old dog can be taught new tricks, with some help from the kind folks at ILGM


@Hogmaster; @oldstoner, I had sent @Bob31 a few days ago, but I guess he is busy and has not yet replied. I ran into a ton of troubles so far, mostly my own fault, but now the girls are in the 5th week since 12/12. Could you take a look at the photos above and tell me what I should do next. I am afraid I have let this grow get away from me but I am still hanging in there. Your thoughts and suggestions greatly appreciated. Thanks, Jitters


What flavors do you have there top to bottom


@Jitters Did someone water or feed them for you ? When you were gone ?


I’m not sure exactly which is which but they are either gold leaf or white widow. I had two of each but got them mixed up and one died, so I have 3 ladies left.
I had to leave twice and only had someone water the girls for me the first time, and right after that, the plant in the middle, started getting very heavy like something was wrong with the roots. Perhaps root rot?
I had to leave home again for 5 days and had no-one to water them for me. DO I have the light too low, do you think?


Looks like they need feed and watered


@bob31; laurap; @myfriendis410; I was having a hard time getting the girls trained to grow in the direction I wanted. Thinking of @myfriendis410 suggesting super cropping, I wondered if I could incorporate super cropping with main lining. So I bent the girls in the direction I wanted, stressed them a bit and then topped both girls for the 2nd time.
Here they are this morning, looking perky!!!Jitters


@bob31;@laurap; Somewhere along the line, my plans for main-lining sort of went off the tracks. I failed to tie down the developing colas but I have continued to top the girls, just recently completing the 3rd and final topping. My manifold is not going to look like the ones depicted by nugbuckets, but I don’t see why my configuration won’t work as well as his. We shall see. I have been trying to send updated photos but the nasty weather up here in the Smokies has caused delays.


@bob31;@hogmaster; I have been home for a week and the weed eating mouse has not returned. No signs of any critters except two chewed leaves. Methinks mouse got wasted and couldn’t find his way back into my tent!!LOLThe girls are 8 weeks old and doing well. I hope to switch to flower phase in a few days or so. Here they are this AM showing one lady with 8 nodes and the other with 16!!I have been spraying plants with foliar spray made with Floralicious. When should I stop spraying foliar? As soon as They go into flowering?Thanks, Jitters


I think if you look at the feeding chart it will show you when to stop. Do you have that? @Jitters

Glad to hear what ever chomped on those leaves has not returned!


@bob31, I have the chart on the bottle of Floralicious but it doesn’t say when to slow down or when to stop spraying. I am really not that fond of the floralicious mix since you pretty much have to mix the spray in a gallon bottle and that leaves it sitting around for a long time before use. ANy suggestions as to a foliar spray that I can mix in smaller portions?? Thanks, Jitters


@bob31, The girls Are now 8 1/2 weeks in the vegetative cycle. I am considering throwing the switch to go into flowering and was wondering if there’s any reason why I should not at this date. Both girls are looking very good and I have tomato hoops installed in both smart pots.Your thoughts sir??Thanks,Jitters


Your girls are looking fabulous @jitters
Sure you could flip the lights if your ready. They will stretch some anyways so if your ready , they sure are!


Thanks for the kind words and I also thought they looked fabulous, LOL. I figured they were as ready as they will ever be, so I will start my new 12/12 time schedule tonight. Thanks again for checking out the girls and the advice. Jitters


Anytime , and no problem at all.