I hope to prove that an old dog can be taught new tricks, with some help from the kind folks at ILGM


take a pic or two if you can @OldStealth


As soon as she’s done. :sunglasses::grinning:


Basic hinge.

Long one is the frame. Short one is the scrog frame. Just gotta get the hardware and some fittings. She’ll be Sweet. More when it’s done. :sunglasses:


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The humidity in my grow tent was not getting enough moisture (40-42RH) so I decided to make a home-made cooling device using things I found around my garage. I had been draping a wash cloth over the top of a plastic container full of water with a fan blowing over the wet towel, but that was not doing the job. I thought if I could find a way to increase the surface area of the cloth, I might get better moisture in the tent. I found some old plastic covered wire shelving in the garage and I cut two pieces, each one 12 ins wide and 12 ins long. I then took a car wiping rag, the kind that absorb water like a chamois cloth. Attaching the cloth to the top of the wire with plastic zip ties, the wire and cloth device were then set alongside of a plastic container half filled with water. With the wire shelving outside of the plastic container, insert the bottom of the cloth into the tub of water. These chamois type cotton cloths will remain moist from top to bottom as long as there is water in the container. Place a fan on either side of the tub with a fan blowing on the wet cloth and watch the humidity rise. I made two of these devices but had to remove one when the two of them put my RH above 65 or so. Now my RH is between 50-55 inside of the tent and I can go up to 60RH or so if I use the second device. I hope these photos might give you an idea of how my homemade moisturizer works. Happy Growing, Jitters.


Nicely done Sir! I tried doing similar over the winter and eventually had to go with a wicking humidifier when the RH got really low! @Jitters


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Five day ago I finally pulled the switch to the 12/12 schedule after the girls spent 58 days in vegetation due to earlier mistakes by yours truly. The girls all seem healthy but they are not very big, or so it seems. Since they stopped growing at a height no higher than 24 inches, I decided not to scrog as planned.

So the girls are in the first week of flowering stage, but I have questions about their PPM ranges.
I just finished watering all three girls and during runoff, their PH ranged from 7.2 PH ; 6.5 PH and 6.9 PH which I guess are all OK but could still be improved upon and will do so next watering. Their PPM was 386 PPM ; 324 PPM to 474 PPM.

I will now do some additional research to find out exactly what these PPM’s mean and what to do next, but if anyone has any suggestions they would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, @Jitters


@bonnie1; @oldstoner; @hogmaster; @bob31 I have only been giving the girls PH water and I imagine it is time for them to be fed. I have the FF trio of Tiger Boom, Bib Bloom and Grow Big and had panned to try that next but I am not sure how much to try, other than the suggested 1/4 of what the directions say, if that is correct.
Any and all suggestions wanted. Thanks, @Jitters


Just for my grow @Jitters what I do is start at the 1/4 recommended and if no issues by next feed I bump it to half etc . I have just started feeding my plants . I am getting ready to go 12 12 on my light schedule in 2 weeks so I will start feeding them regularly now . Good luck


@Oldstoner I couldn’t resist had to buy 2-meizhi 450s lol i blame you lol


@Jitters… your girls look very healthy and you seem to have the right idea for nutes… don’t be afraid like me, give your plants the nutes at 1/4 of what schedule says, try not to get any on the leaves. Make sure you check the ph after adding nutes, it will get significantly lower. I was told if you have red or colored stems it means nute deficiency… good luck, lookin good :blush:


Your really going to like that brother they do a great job for me


Hey @Jitters What week are they in? From sprout or flower? I use the FF Trio big three and they are easy to use!

I do feed, water water feed schedule. Works out to feeding every week or 8-9 days at most.


@bob31, my girls are on the 6th day of flowering, so it’s their first week.
when I water them next, I plan to use Tiger Bloom and Big Bloom at one quarter strength. Then water, water, feed. If the ladies are ok, I’ll move to 1/2 strength, etc. That’s my plan!! Thanks, @jitters


I would go ahead and give them all three at 1/4 strength! @Jitters If you haven’t been feeding them, they will explode! hahahaha


@bob31, The girls are just now starting their 3rd week of flowering since I pulled the switch to 12/12. Only giving the girls 1/4 strength of FF trio so far, along with some Mammoth P. The first two photos show the girls I think might be goldleaf, and they are both doing fine. The last photo is of the girl I think might be the white widow. The white widow has been bothering me for a week or so. When I checked the soil by using my knuckle, the WW is dry and a soil probe also indicates the ww is dry, but when I pick her up to water, she feels overly heavy. The bottom of her fabric pot was wet last week but I fixed kthat by putting the pot on a grate so it could breathe. I am concerned however, that the ww might have something wrong with her roots. She just feels too heavy when she should be light due to lack of water, but I wonder. Any thoughts?? @Jitters


Interesting @Jitters

What size pot is she in?

Weigh her now. Then give her pH water and see how much she takes and then weigh her again. Take note of how much water she takes in compared to the others.

by the pic she is either over or under watered or root bound. She is going to have to ride it out since she is so far along in flower.


@Bob31, She is in a 5 gallon pot. Earlier, she was growing too far in one direction, so I tied her back the other way. This has caused her to be rather small. I have heard of root bound although I have no idea what the symptoms are, but if I had to venture a guess, I just feel like it must be root bound. If so, is there any chance she still might make it through to harvest?
Any other suggestions? Thanks.


droopiness is either not enough or too much water (Not letter the soil dry out enough in between watering) or root bound.

She looks very droopy to me @Jitters

5 gallon pot, she is probably not root bound. Are we loving her a little too much?


@bob31, I had to leave the girls unattended for 5 days while I took care of some family business. I also had been unable to forward photos of the girls since my internet connection was not that good lately. Anyway, here are a few photos of the ladies and their progress to date. The one lady that is stunted apparently is in some sort of root trouble and I do not know how much longer she will hang in there, but I am hoping she will make it to harvest. She is very heavy even when “dry” so I suspect there is something going on with the roots, but not too much I can do about it now.
The other two girls have tons of yellow leaves that are falling off daily and they are now in their 5th week of flower following 12/12 switch. I am now hoping to limp into harvest and any suggestions greatly appreciated. Thanks Jitters.


I just realized the second photo above, was taken earlier and does not show the current state of that lady, but I will send another one shortly. The leaves of the two other ladies have been turning yellow (or gold, perhaps gold leafs) for some time. Some of them have ends turning brown as if too hot. Yesterday I raised the light a few inches in case that was causing the discoloration of the leaves, etc. Suggestions and comments requested please. Jitters.