I hope to prove that an old dog can be taught new tricks, with some help from the kind folks at ILGM


@MattyBear, the girls are now sleeping in complete darkness. Once they wake up, I will take a few photos of the topping. I said that I had topped all 3 ladies, but I actually missed one, so I FIM’d one and topped two, or that’s what is looked like to these old eyes!! LOL. Photos coming later today or tomorrow. Jitters


@MattyBear; @Majiktoker; @bonnie1; @Hogmaster; @Rugar89; The 3 girls have made it pretty good thus far, in spite of my inadvertent missteps along the way. They have been in veg phase now for 4 weeks and although two of them are not growing like gang busters yet. First off, I apologize for not being able to capture photos of my topping and Fimming, but my camera is just won’t let me get close enough for a good shot. Tomorrow will be a week since topping and they all look pretty good and are healing and growing as hoped. The tallest girl is now 13 inches high and the other two are 7 1/2 and 8 1/2 inches tall. I will start getting a SCROG setup soon, but since I have such a difference between tallest and shortest, should I put something under the two shorter girls to bring them up to the tallest one? I have not started using nutes since my premature use of them a while back but am now waiting to receive a shipment of organic nutes that I plan to use in the near future. Or, do I use some nutes and hope the two shorter ones gain legs and have a growth spurt, LOL? The tallest girl is now 21 inches from floor to top of plant. I am not in any rush to get the girls into the flowering stage, so waiting until they get bigger and fuller would not bother me at all. Also, I watered all of the girls today and each of them were watered with 6.5 PH water and today, when I checked the runoff, one was at 6.9 PH; one was 7.0 PH; and one was at 7.1PH. The next watering, I plan to raise the PH slightly by .2 above their previous runoff PH counts. Is that right? Any and all suggestions greatly appreciated. Thanks, @jitters



Yes raise the shorter plants up with bricks, boxes or whatever to get the tops all the same height so they all get the same amount of light.

Each plant is different and will require a different amount water/ nutes PH in levels individually.

You want to lower your water in PH levels to get them to 6.5 runoff. Not raise it.


@Rugar89, I was out walking the dogs when I suddenly realized I had to lower the PH. Dashing inside to the PC to shout out my error, when alas, brother @Rugar89 beat me to it!! Thanks for the help. @Rugar89


@Jitters… I’m new and not ready to give advice to anyone but there are many experts standing by to help you. Try to get pics… everybody wants to see a pic. It will come, takes awhile to learn this site and take a good pic :grimacing: Hang in there & happy growing :rofl::leaves:


@bonnie1; I took photos and thought I had attached them but I guess not. Anyway, here are photos of the 3 girls. THanks, @Jitters


@Jitters… very nice… I don’t see one thing wrong. The first one has very big leaves. What kind of seeds? Autos? I just germinated two autos and two big bud. Haven’t grown autos yet. Getting ready to harvest, hopefully in a week or two… Anyway jitters… your girls look good to me. But I’m not an expert. @bob31 helped me a lot when I first started. He’s an expert, maybe he can take a look. You’re doin fine…:grimacing::leaves::herb::seedling::leaves:


@bonnie1; The girls are all autos and are either White Widow or Gold Leaf, but during the process of germinating the seeds, I somehow mixed them up. Consequently, I do not know which seed is which, but that makes them like a box of chocolates, as Forrest Gump would say! Hopefully my harvest of the girls should be full of good surprises!!! LOL. @Jitters


@Jitters… oh yeah they’re lookin fine and you’ll be sittin pretty in another month right. I’d like to see your pics and when you go into flower cause I’ve never grown autos before… just spent 4 months or more on these girls, but worth it. I feel I can grow anything now! Just like a box of chocolates :chocolate_bar: :joy::seedling::herb::leaves::leaves:


@Jitters Gold Leaf only comes as Fem seeds and will outgrow every auto by a mile. She will show herself soon! If you check out my grow the Blue Berry Autos are a fraction of the size of the Gold Leaf!

Everyone is looking good!


@bob31, thanks for words of encouragement. Even though I started out making a few mistakes along the way, It has been an education and I’m loving it! Thanks to all of you great folks!! @jitters


@bob31; @FreakyDeekie; @Rugar89; @bonnie1; @hogmaster; After doing some research and reading, I finally decided to make my own SCROG. I have seen SCROGs made with PVC pipe, which is what I decided to build. At Lowe’s, I picked up 4 pieces of 5 foot PVC pipe, 3/4 of an inch. I also grabbed 4 side outlet elbows, large packet of 3/4 inch sheet metal screws and a bottle of PVC glue. The SCROG will be placed into my 4 X 4 foot grow tent. I decided to make the SCROG 24 inches tall and 3 ft X 3 ft in order to fit into the tent. I then took each one of the 5 foot pvc pipes and cut each one at the 24 inch line, which gave me one 36 inch pipe and one 24 inch one. Did this with all 5 foot pvc pipes. I then glued the four side outlet elbows into the 36 inch sections giving me the top of the SCROG, leaving the four 24 inch sections for legs. Once the tops were glued into place with the elbows, I drilled holes every 8 inches across the tops of each section and screwed 3/4 inch sheet metal screws (1/2 inch will work too, I just wanted the extra length to hold things together better) into the pre-drilled holes. leaving enough room beneath each crew for a string to slide under it. Once the screws were in, I used cotton string (which I had laying around the house) to form the top, or webbing for the SCROG. I did not glue the legs into the top of the SCROG since I thought that would make it harder to fit into the tent with legs attached. I now have the top of the SCROG inside of my tent, against one wall and waiting for the time to fit the legs on and go SCROGging (LOL). Anyway, the entire project was quite easy to fit together it only cost me about $25. total for a SCROG I can use over and over again. I plan to cut the string section after each grow for ease and in order to keep future grows healthy. I though this might be of interest to some folks, so here are a few photos to go along with the text. The first photo shows the scrog top with webbing leaning against the wall of my tent, ready to go. The second photo is of webbing and top of scrug and the 3rd photo is the finished SCROG. Hope this might help someone during their grow. Happy Growing, @Jittersscrogscrog1scrog2


Looks great! Thanks for sharing.


@Rugar89, I forgot to mention that although I made the legs 24 inches, when you add the side outlet elbows to the top of the legs, the height is right at 25 inches, the recommended height. @jitters


Very nice job @Jitters I am envisioning one that would fold down from the side of my tent! hahaha If I ever figure it out i will tag you!


Looks great @Jitters


@bob31, Sounds like a great idea, please let us know when you figure out how to do it!!!


@Jitters… very creative…wish I was… I just buy the net and use garden ties & tie it to the poles in my tent. Cheap & easy but wish it lifted off because having hard time getting plant out of net in the back of the tent… can’t figure it out, except to cut the net :thinking:


@bonnie1; I was thinking of setting up something like you mentioned but couldn’t think of how I would access the girls. Using PVC pipe was quick, easy and cheap. Lowes will even cut the pipes to desired lengths and then you just drill holes, insert screws, make webbing with string and assemble. If I can do it, it is Not that difficult!! LOL. @Jitters


Having a wooden box, I will have the fold down done this weekend. @bob31, plumber’s strap and a couple of bolts and nuts make a good hinge. :sunglasses: