I hope I didn't drown my seeds


Okay, so I put up some seeds to germinate last night. 3 Strawberry, 2 Blueberry and 1 Pineapple. I put them in rapid rooters that I had dunked in PH’d water, placed them in an egg tray in a Ziploc bag and set them on my PC to keep warm.

Before I put them in the tray, I know I squeezed all the excess water out of each one, but when I checked them this morning before I left for work, each rooter was soaking wet again. I squeezed then all out again, but I’m really hoping I didn’t drown them.

Realistically, how long should I wait before expecting them to sprout? This is my first time using proper high end seeds so I don’t know what to expect.


Realistically good seeds can take any where from 12 hours to 4 days, honestly I would stop squeezing them before the seed inside the boosters do not get damaged also how much light are they getting


They’re not getting any light yet, if that’s what you’re asking. I don’t usually put any light on them until I know they opened up and started a root.

I’ll just have to keep an eye on them I guess. Expensive lesson if I squished 'em :sweat:


Every one germinates there seeds different I leave light on mine 24/7 even when In the shot glass it helps them root faster, now I’m not telling you to do it this way or give them sun, but who knows maybe take 1 from the group and try that it may work for you, as I stated above every one here has a different method for germinating, what are temps in the area they are in that may be a problem, and hey we all learn some where lol some mistake are minor and some are expensive


The area they’re sitting in is around 75-80 degrees, depending on if the wife gets chilly LOL. Our computer room is usually around 73-75, and I set the tray on top of my PC, so they are a bit warmer.

I might pull 1 or 2 out and put them under light. As long as I keep the temps and moisture near the same it shouldn’t hurt, right?


Right, sunlight will help the seed intake more natural vitamins, and the temps sound good temps for seedlings are supposed to be 75-85 degrees with 70-90 % humidity, also the sun will help suck some of that extra water out and help them Set up, as long as temps are the same or you atleast have a nice warm sunny day the seeds will be fine just try to keep temps close together, don’t let them range in a 10 degree difference (up or down) 5 degree fluctuations should be fine


Cool, thank you


Any time, best of luck my friend any more questions we are happy to help, if your new here, welcome to ilgm


4 of the 6 I put up have popped tap roots out the bottom of their rapid rooters :slight_smile: 1 Strawberry, 2 Blueberry and 1 Pineapple.
1 of the 2 that didn’t (both Strawberries) appear to have opened when looking down in the hole. The root looks like it might’ve just curled around in there. The other one I couldn’t tell if it opened or not. Regardless, I put them all into my bubbler today, with the exception of the Pineapple. I have plans for an outdoor guerilla grow with that one :smiling_imp:
Now just hoping the other 2 Strawberries come to life.

Thank you @Majiktoker for your help


Your welcome, I’m glad to hear they made progress and that should be interesting keep us updated