I have very old hemp/cannabis seeds

Why is my seed looking like this I tried germinating my hemp/cannabis seeds it’s been a couple of days and all of them didn’t really germinate except this one that looks weird like a tiny white slime covering it what does this mean?

I’ve had the slime on my seeds. I’m not really sure what it is, but doesn’t seem to hurt it much. Be sure that it’s not saturated just moist area.

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I get the same thing. Or a tail will start and die. I had a bunch of ideas on my own on how to start or try to get them to come up. I think the first few times I didn’t wait long enough. So I have some more and I’m trying a different way this time.

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If not I’m going to get a multipack. But sometimes I wonder about seeds if they come from plants that can’t reproduce germinating seeds.

I start my seeds in glass of water until the tail shows and then move to soil. Had has 100% germination rate with seeds from ILGM. :grinning:


PS - the seeds usually float overnight and I’ll poke them down in the morning and that all I do, I also place them in a dark cabinet until the tail sprouts.

Be honest with you I don’t care for the water method. I like to just put the seed in the dirt and let it go.

Very cool, We have to remember they are just weeds. They sould be fine either way. Just sharing my experiences with you.


I agree. The less you have to mess with a seed in may past experience is less touching is better.

I wasn’t trying to be rude. They are old seeds. I had spent a week on at lest 100 seeds or more. I do have a story for you. I have had these flys. So I did the hydrogen peroxide flush. Omg. My plants started foaming and floating to the top. The plants immediately turned a very dark green. It took a while for the water to actually absorb because of the hydrogen peroxide. It was crazy the dirt even was coming back out of the pot. I thought I killed all eight of them. They were in such shock drooping fallen over within an hour or you can tell anything was wrong with them. That was about six hours ago I just looked Them I swear they grew 2 inches.

They sit out in the shed too long I’m sure the shed got pretty hot there like some old dried beans. What was so bad about them I looked everywhere for them. And just walked out there and find them. I’m gonna get some seeds from here next week. It’s just too aggravating to try to bring up old seeds.

that’s 72 hours. To me that’s to long. I appreciate you sharing your comments I hope you don’t think I was being rude.

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Thanks @Hemp, I did not take your comments as being rude. The way I look at it we are all “One Big Happy Family” here and learning from each other along the way !!! Your hydrogen peroxide flush story has interesting. I have not every used hydrogen peroxide yet, is it just used for pests ? I also have some really old seeds from some really good shit from like 20 years ago I found. I read if I soak them in a solution of diluted liquid seaweed over night I may get a few to pop. LOL Have a Great Day. :grinning:


Thanks man. Remember the old saying free the seed that would free the world

@Hemp Exactly, What strain are you growing in the pictures you posted ? The girls look very healthy.

Ive never germed seeds like this at all. I always put a doubled up napkin on a plate drop a few beans on it cover it up with a couple folds and soak the paper towel down with r.o. water and a drop of rapid root with it. I soak the napkin enough that the plate has a small puddle of water around it drop the plate in a dark warmer area and 2 days later its always got a half to 1 inch tail on them. Use tweezers and drop the bean carefully into soil with tail down. Be super careful not to break the tail and cover it. Spray soil with mister bottle and had success on all so far.

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Man they are a bag of seeds. I got 8 in a bag 5 weeks ago. Im not sure how many males. I’m about ready to flip them soon. I thing they are some kinda purple. Swag I don’t know what it is. I’m a get some good seeds next.

I’ve tried everything. I was doing it the same way that you’re talking about and a lot of other ways. Even to the sanding the seed. Cutting the sides with a razor blade. They’re very old seeds I mean like real old I think they got real hot like temperature is over 120. I’m a drop of seed in the dirt. I make like a mud bath. Is basically soil this is water down in mud real good when they pop up I’ll just scoop them out with a spoon. Then I go from Dixie cups 2 plastic bags the freezer size that makes it really easy for your next transplant then I got pots with drainage that they’re going into next. When they’re at that stage I’ll even put them in the shower. Especially if you got bugs. You can put about anything on them then wash them off real good. I did a hydrogen peroxide bath last night. It was crazy I thought I was gonna lose them got rid of the flies

Is how they used to do tobacco seeds are used to do the little pods and stuff like that the little cubes I can’t think of what you call him you guys know what I’m talking about screw all that stuff. I’m even thinking about taking a chance and Chloe and everyone of these plants even if they turn out to be male i’ll know then. I’m wanting to get a mix seeds. I will moneys tight right now I had no idea those seeds would pop I had to go with what I had.

Very cool, don’t lose your enthusiasm ! This hobby can easily become a full time job ! kind of like a boat which people say is a hole in the water which you pour money into. And NO I do not have a boat. LOL

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