I have two questions i would love to get an answer for

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks.

I’m new to this growing I’m learning a lot. I have two questions i would love to get an answer for. First can autoflowers seeds (after germination ) be placed in mycorrhizae ?
Second can you please tell me if this is ready? ( pictures will be attached)

The reason i ask the first question is because i have some (wonder soil organic planting mix ) i wanted to use with your autos i bought.

The second question is b/c i got this seed out of a bag a black dude gave me in Ft Worth Tx, I planted it and it is an auto too my surprise i originally planned to just keep it alive while i got research and building my grow area taken care of. But it started flowing so i started looking into autos and i bought some from you and they should be coming around here in just a few days and i was wondering if
I could use this germination coir sheets. First before i put them in my super soil.

It’s best to place autoflowers in their permanent home as soon as possible, as not to disturb their root development.
I’m unfamiliar with coco sheets, so I’m not sure. @Donaldj @Myfriendis410
Mycorrhiza is often used during a transplant to encourage root development into the new growing medium.

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I’ve never seen it but if it has no fertilizer in it you should be fine. PH to 5.8