I have to dry outside. Best way?

I have 5 huge ladies. The should all be ready to harvest at the same time. I grew outdoors. My tent is to small to dry inside and it would really smell the house up. Can I dry outside? How would I keep it dark during the day or do I have to? I can keep it out of any rain but won’t be able to control the temp. Am I heading into a problem? One of these gals is ten feet tall and still growing. The others are at least 6 feet.
What’s the best way to dry outside?

@retirementJOB Do you have a shed or building other than your house? There’s a lot of ways that aren’t discreet to get the job done as long as you’re able to check them daily….I.e. hang them on the side of your house and rotate them so they dry evenly in the open air…preferably shaded cause sunlight dries buds really fast…could also hang them under and from a tree in its branches…depending your tolerance for pests and how this process might encourage them…might just need to get creative….as long as air flow happens and you’re able to monitor them and keep them off the ground during the drying process this can happen in just about any way you can think of…just avoid direct sunlight

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We used to make a lean-to off the back of the house using 2x’s and a couple big pieces of panda film, white side up. Stayed pretty dark and with white side out reflected the heat so it didn’t get too warm even if temps did get up a bit, but that wasn’t much of a problem by harvest time outdoors. Had my lean-to right over a big sliding glass door so I could open the door and be right in the middle.


Rent a roll off shipping container run power to it and put in what you need to dry it properly.
Or buy a used van and Black out the windows

We have a small travel trailer with AC. I hang it in cardboard boxes, put them in the trailer and it works great. As a matter of fact, I will have to load it up again this coming week. This time of year (heat & humidity) it works better than indoors. Crank up the AC, mid 60’s temps and I get a nice long dry time.

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Buy a used van? This group IS creative!

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After reading this I’m using my RV as a drying area

I bought a portable closet on eBay 4x6 for $30 shipped.
I’m using this closet with a waterproof tarp over it. I’m using a Honeywell heater with temperature setting. I’m also using a Honeywell circulation fan. I’m in it for under $90. So far my first chopped plant was dried in there and it worked out nicely.

Best answer ever