I have these orange rust spots on my white widow

I’m using coco my ph is in at 6.5 everytime I water but these spots seem to be spreading, can anyone help? Thank you in advance

Your PH is way to high for coco. You wanna be in the 5.5 to 6 range with 5.8 being the sweet spot. Looks like a bit of lock out. Your next couple of feeds go in low like 5.5 and see what your run off is after that.

So flush and lower my ph down to 5.8-5.5?

So do a flush and lower my ph down to 5.5-5.8?

I wouldn’t necessarily flush just when it dries out for next feeding/watering. And feed enough for 20% run off and check that.

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Okay thank you I really appreciate that, you dont see it being a deficincy of any kind? That’s what I’m really worried about it being

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Yes it’s deficiencies because you are locking out nutrients running your PH that high in coco. If you was in soil that PH would be ok but coco and hydro run a little lower as stated above.

Here is a visual for ya.


I agree with @Jbum
your pH needs to be in the correct range for your plant to be able to eat. I don’t have a pH chart for coco

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Oh sorry, just saw your quick draw there @Jbum :joy::joy:

Haha just supplying all the things that help me lol.

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Thanks guys I really appreciate it this is my first grow in coco and I was using the ph levels for soil

Keep us posted on your progress. Not sure if you know but the damaged leaves will not recover. Just keep an eye on your new growth once you have your PH in correct.

Good luck!

Okay so I should just clip them off then right? And I’ll keep you posted and what should I watch for in my new growth?

No the plant will eat them up. But if you really hate seeing them you can lol. But by no means do you have to.

Is this just on one leaf or several?

Why are you using for nutrients? Coco is a cal/mag hog. If you’re not using a nutrient line specifically for Coco you should be supplementing. @Cap6420

Hey sorry for the length of time this wasnt letting me post for a few days and I forgot about it till now can you help me one more time? Lol

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Of course if I can what’s up?