I have smoked my blueberry auto that i grew. Absolutely no change in any way to how it affected me

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

I have smoked my blueberry auto that i grew. Absolutely no change in any way to how it affected me. My son experienced relaxation. I have tried other smokes we bought pre rolled. Nothing on me. I have used cbd/thc oils. Nothing for me. Why do i seem immune to the effects of all this?

Everyone is different, if we weren’t life wouldn’t be so interesting.

It could be you harvested your plant to early, it could be the pre-rolled joints were made using what would be classed as scrapings off the floor so weren’t that strong, if you use a THC/CBD mixed oil the the CBD will actually nullify the THC.

So there are an incredible amount of variables here, from the quality of weed, the strengths of the oils and, of course, your own physical tolerance and brain chemistry. I know my tolerance to THC is high, always has been and is the same as with many pharmaceutical painkillers and even Marching Powder would only relax me whilst others were jumping around like Zebedee on speed, so it may be a case that you just need a different strain or, unfortunately, you are one of those people whose body is wired in such a way that weed simply doesn’t work in the form you consumed it or may never have the desired effect at all.

Only thing I can suggest is trying different strains, and sometimes the “lower” THC strains can have a better effect when compared to the stronger ones, and if doing oils don’t have a THC/CBD mix but just start with a good 10% THC oil and go “upwards” if necessary, and obviously edibles or vaping over smoking.

But it may be a waste, just because of your physiology, same as some kids get hooked on nicotine with their first pull on a cigarette whereas others don’t know what the fuss is about and never take a second one.

Everyone’s different and you’ll only know by experimenting, but if you need to have the feeling of being “high” in any way then please don’t experiment with other substances as I know the pitfalls of trying other, “harder”, narcotics than weed and, frankly, no matter what you think it is never worth it.