I have sativa plant grow Outdoors beginner



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thank you can u plz guide me bro

Is that plant in a container or planted directly into the ground? Welcome to the forum.


planted directly into Ground Sir

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Makes a big difference. You have mother earth working for you. If your soil is good and your plant is getting plenty light then you can just water her and have a successful grow. Idk where you’re at, what season, weather conditions, etc but if that’s all suitable for growing it should be pretty easy to grow. I’ve planted hundreds of plants (vast majority have been clones) in the woods, topped them, checked on them a couple times during the summer, carried water to them if it got extremely dry then harvested them.

I’m in the prohibition zone so I’ve never been able to have cannabis plants close to my house and baby them. I’m sure there are some outdoor growers on here who have been able to do just that and will have some tips for you. Your plant is looking very nice so far. Have you given her anything other than water?

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no NPK given to plants… Yesterday i put some… Wood Ash to plant i dont no sir when to feed Plant

there is no Weed To Smoke :pensive: Ri8 now

now its 5 clock in the morning…

after 2,3 hr Sun will rise i will post full pic of my plant…

Whatever you’ve done so far it looks like it’s working. Plant looks healthy and good color. I’ll check out those pics when you post them. Also be good to know when you planted it and when you first saw pistils on her.


2,3 weeks. before started White pistl

dont no the ri8 time when we planted 3,4 months plant. i think

those photos i upload. thats old 1 week

yesterday i see Plant Become more Leaf should i Prune

srry for my bad english

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As stated, your plant looks very nice and healthy. :grin:
The wood ash is a good idea for the flowering phase. :+1:

Probably 6 or more weeks to go before harvest. They will fatten up and fill in more.

It looks like your plant is open enough for airflow and light penetration. I would not try to trim any healthy growth at all.

Your questions are easily understood. You are communicating fine!

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Welcome to the neighborhood :blush: your plant looks great :blush::v:

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