I have red branches. Good or bad?

The branches on my flowering plant are now a deep red color. Is this a sign that the quality of the harvest will be good? If not should I do something to remedy the situation?

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maybe phosphorous deficiency, but most nutrient systems formulated with cannabis in mind have plenty and so it is more often a magnesium deficiency and a cal/mag or epsom salt (magnesium sulfate) often is the remedy.

some strains have some purple stems, too, naturally

Best to fill out a support ticket


Sometimes it’s genetic sometimes it’s a calcium magnesium deficiency is your plant showing any other signs of a problem if not i think your in good shape

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Great minds think alike lol

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What is it with the absence of Fan leaves today? they are your sugar factories you’d get better bud by trimming bottom buds and stems rather than getting rid of fan leaves to try and get light to the bottom buds.
Lolipop is only removing bottom 1/3rd second time today seen this? it’s scary costs an easy 15-20% on yield and triggers a early maturity likely putting yield loss even higher. Here is the misconception the nutrients you feed your plants don’t build your plant the leafs take the minerals and convert them to sugars and starches which the plant uses and stores for growth and building those buds we know and love.

how many fan leaves did I cut???


Bottom 1/3 id guess

None the plant was trained 8" tall light hit all the way through canopy :wink: much like a scrog unless they were dead they stayed on


hey @Donaldj one of your buds came off a little yellowy. Smells different too. :relaxed:


It was for scale lmao actually she had more bud than I expected on her she was a runt that didn’t become a mother

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I do the lollipop but dont touch anything else
If it is dead it falls off on it own so im with you
Good harvest there
What kind is the big yellow bud its a big one


Ok so I will watch the plant for awhile. If other problems occur I will try epsom salt. How and how much epsom salt should I apply?

As for the fan leaves. I will leave the upper 2/3 on my next grow. Thanks for the tip.


If there is nothing going on with his leaves hen it just the genetic and no worries


The only issue I see is that the buds aren’t getting big as fast as I would like. We will see what happens. After all, this is only my second grow. Thanks @garrigan62

@garrigan62 will burning incense within my 3X3X5 grow box provide enough CO2 to increase the size of the buds on my 3 flowering plants?

just add a small fan it shouldn’t hurt anything. but to be sure just keep an eyr on them for a few days ok


Hey garrigan, what temp would you say tinny little seedlings should be in F? my attempt to salvage mine is going ok it seems, but the surface temp is 90 F - is that ok?

Will the incense provide co2 for bud growth?

oh lord no that’s way to high try to bring it down to 75 but 90 your cooking them


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Got the LED on instead of MH now and were ranging between 68 F and 75F :slight_smile: some leaves are turning green bro! about 3 will make it I think, which is ideal seeing as I have 8 more to germinate when everything is totally ready and temps/ humidity all set up :slight_smile: thanks for the fast response, I passed out and forgot to reply yesterday.

That’s great new’s please keep me posted


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