I have plants about two weeks old

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

I have plants about two weeks old inside with a light they were good two days ago stems about 4 inches long and now they are falling over normal or not thanks joe

No, it’s not normal. You don’t have enough light that’s why she’s so stretched. Move the light down, or add more lights. You need to give her some support with a stick so she stands up. She also looks pretty dry, so give her a little bit of water.

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Your light is too high. Many new growers make the mistake of placing there lamp way above the seedling. You must get a T5 lamp or something similar.

Place the T54 or fluorescent lamp 1-2" above the seedlings in order to allow it to get plenty of light. Your issue is due to the seedling stretching aggressively in order to take in enough light.

Sorry to hop on this bandwagon, but I’ve got a plant stretching similarly… My light is a CFL 32 W 4100k on my ceiling. I’ve currently got a macgyver’d setup where the plants are taped to the light, about 6 inches away. Would you recommend moving them closer? Or should they be fine where they are?

Yes, move them closer. They can be as close as 2" from a CFL.

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Wow, thanks! I’ll get on that, another question I had is fans… Right now I’ve got an 8in fan on a table about 4 feet below and 4-5 feet over from the plants in the lights. I’ve got it positioned so that I can watch the leaves jiggle a very little bit. It’s hard to explain without a video, but you have to really look at them for a few seconds to see that they’re moving. It’s not a perfect system, but given current circumstances is that an acceptable amount of fan wind for the plants?

Yes, that sounds perfect, just a little movement is all you want.

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I alrerady answered this. I see no reason I would suddenly advise 6" when
I said 1-2". Happy growing :slight_smile:

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You’re right, I wasn’t sure if the # of k’s would have adverse effects. The plants are doing really well, thanks all!