I have out grown my 2x4x5 tent

I’m not sure what you need to know but here goes - blueberry ghost auto, FF soil, .5 nutes rarely, t5 lights, LST with no topping. It’s around 55 days and 20 days into flower.

This was taken about a week ago.

This is my first grow and with an auto I didn’t want to do too much pruning. I really wanted to see how it would go without any type of pruning, kind of a base line.

I think the next will be reg fem and I’ll start out topping at 3d node and LST. Any other thoughts?

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I would un coil extension cord and pick it up off of floor, remove your nutes from tent, and probably look at lowering your light if you’re flowering with fluorescent.


Agree t5 shoukd be set close


Floor space isn’t really the problem. The nutes are my tiedown for the LST. I think it’s the lights too but I keep the lights down within 2 inches of the tops. I even got a little heat burn last night. At first she was compact and then got leggy making me think t5 may not be intense enough. Anyway, I agree with yall. I will use 2 4ft fixtures next grow. I’ll upgrade from t5s when I use a few of these bulbs.

@dbrn32 can weigh in on this but IMO fluorescent lights are a waste of time. There are so many superior alternatives, especially for flower that you might want to consider switching. After all there is considerable money invested now, not to mention your time. Having a more appropriate light source will cut down on the plant reaching and getting “leggy” which is a benefit in a tent. You will also see much denser nugs when using a better lighting source.

I like the SCROG method but that is not really useful with autos.

It’s a pretty plant!

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I agree, something with more intensity would be next on my list.

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