"I have no idea what I'm doing and I'm in over my head" Northern Lights Indoor

So I have done a iit of reading and gone through some learning pains and I fear I may be in a little (a lot) over my head. I should probably start by filling out a support ticket.

  • Strain: Northern lights from ILGM, fem and photo.
  • Soil: 5 gallon fabric pots with organic potting soil (honestly don’t remember the brand) mixed with perlite. The soil has a bit of wood chips in it and I believe it also advertised worm castings.
  • System type?
  • PH of runoff or solution in reservoir? Haven’t tested any runoff. Been watering with distilled water.
  • What is strength of nutrient mix? Haven’t added any nutes
  • Indoor or Outdoor: Indoor, 2x4x5 tent
  • Light system, size? Blurple “1000” watt LED that are actually more like 240 watts.
  • Temps; Day, Night: Mid-70’s constantly
  • Humidity; Day, Night: Unsure, but its fall in New England so it varies by day
  • Ventilation system; 6 inch inline fan with carbon filter all from vivosun. Haven’t used it much yet, been strengthening stems with little clip on fans
  • AC, Humidifier, De-humidifier: None
  • Co2: No

I popped three seeds on the 12th of September and then placed each one in a 5 gal fabric pot. They came through the soil on the 14th. I let the plants do their thing and occasionally monitored them until the 29th of September when I topped the three plants. On two of the plants I just topped them and left them alone, and on the third I messed up the topping a bit and nicked a growth site. I also did some defoliation on this plant. Since then I have only been lightly bending the branches away from one another and watering when dry. I should also mention I have had the lights on 24/0 since they came through the surface of the soil.

I kinda messed up and don’t have very many progress pictures but here are some pictures I took today (please excuse the blurple but I can’t really get a regular light for photographs on them at the moment)

KIMG0122 KIMG0125

My main concern is that 2 of the 3 plants are becoming very bushy and I’m unsure of how to control them. I’ve probably got more plants than I have room for in the 2x4 tent. Should I start removing fan leaves that are covering up some of the newer growth between petioles?

My next concern is lighting. I’m fearful that my “king 1000 watt LED” will not be powerful enough once I make the transition into flower. I have been considering one of the 260 watt QB’s from HLG which would hopefully shed enough light on my 3 plants come flower time.

Overrall, what do you guys think? Any glaring problems that come to mind right away?

I’m not a soil grower, but @raustin is. I DO know that your pH is VERY important. @Big123 likes to play in the dirt also

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How much nighttime are you giving them?

If the leaves are healthy leave them I say, bend and train instead.

At the moment I’m not giving them any nighttime but I have a timer coming tomorrow so I could change that. It seems like a lot of folks here are doing 18/6. Would switching from 24/0 to 18/6 have any negative consequences at this stage?

Switching to 18/6 will make them much happier, plants need nighttime.


Not sure where exactly I heard to go with 24/0 but 18/6 does seem more natural. I’ll make the switch tomorrow. Thanks for the advice :+1:

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I’d look into buying a PH reader and some nutrients. Don’t jump into it, measure you’re runoff PH and ease into the nutrients based on your runoff reading

I am an indoor NL grower. They are very bushy plants. They look really good. Don’t pull leaves. They are very resilient to error also. Keep ph at 6.5 and feed cal mag heavy. Here are mine.


I also use quantum boards and if your serious about the hobby, do it. Best investment to date.

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18/6 is a good veg light cycle for them also and they respond very well to LST and FIMmig. I never saw any signs of stress in the plants and I was pretty aggressive with it. I also grownin soil and try to keep it around 6.4-6.6. NL love the nutrients a lot. I feed nectar of the Gods on the Roman schedule and based on oeliminary tastings, it’s a very clean fresh product. I feel like NL is a great starter strain because it is very hard to screw up and as long as you keep them alive you’ll have a rewarding experience. I vegged mine for 50 days and they are 4 weeks into flower. Also, if your not keeping a journal, start one now. As in a notebook where you write stuff down. It’s invaluable for future grows and quick reference. Tag me if you need any help with them. Great job on putting them into 5 gal pots from the start. I transplanted twice before settling in the 5 gal pots and if you haven’t selected a good soil, look into ocean forest or promix. Good luck on your grow.

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Remember, qb’s really make plants go through calcium. I wouldn’t recommend people push any nutes hard, unless they need to b/c of grow system, grow lights, or a deficiency.

In a 2x4x5 tent, a blurple light that draws 260-320watts from the wall should be fine on 2 plants. You can probably squeeze three, but it’s not going to be ideal. The height might also cause issues.

Topping caused them to bush out. That’s one of the many reasons why people top. They also top to control height. Those blurple lights will need to be about 18"-24" from the top of your plants by the end of flower, which means you only have about 3 feet of actual height for your pot & plants. I see you have up a screen, which will also keep your height controlled.

If you go for a qb, you still will have issues with 3 plants in that tent. That size tent really can only handle 2 full sized plants, or several small plants in a sea of green style grow.

Your plants look like they’re on their way!

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Wow you guys are great! Lots of good stuff. I’m definitely going to be ordering some nutes and a pH meter and will test runoffs before I start adding anything to the water. I live in a pretty rural area and am interested in testing the pH of my well water as well.

I figured 3 plants in my space might be pushing it but I didn’t think it would be evident quite this quickly. I kind of wanted a backup but since all three germinated I went with it.

That’s awesome to know how long you vegged, and that you’re growing some awesome looking NL under QBs.

At what point do you consider the plant to be in veg as opposed to seedling?

If you’re using a 2x4 tent, you really need to watch out that you don’t veg too long. They will probably double in size during the stretch. I have a 4x4 Scrog net over each plant.


Looks like you’re under control here.

suggestion: when taking pics…turn off grow lights and use white light to illuminate the plants

NL plants don’t quite double in size during stretch, but 2 plants would have been more comfortable in your tent. You can control the height with some training and topping. Have you researched any nutes yet? If not, start now and ask questions. There are a lot of options. I recommend paying the $38 shipping for the nectar of the gods sample set.

For a beginner, I absolutely do not recommend Nectar For the Gods nutes, unless you do A LOT of research first, want to buy a gazillion bottles, and want to do a lot of mixing/guessing. It’s a good line, but requires a deeper understanding of your plants’ needs. If you haven’t heard of the line, I recommend waiting until your second grow to try it.

I do recommend starting with a simple 2 or 3 part nute system, such as Fox Farms, Advanced Nutrients, General Hydroponics, etc.

Last photoperiod plant I grew in a 2x4x5 was a scrogged Amnesia Haze. I fimmed her, then at veg week 5 I put the screen down on her to start tucking. At week 6, had half filled the screen, so I switched her to bloom. By week 8, she was done stretching, so I was done tucking. Her height stayed very low, while all her budsites enjoyed access to the light.

I’m using NOTG and it’s my first grow… it’s not that bad to learn. But, you are correct there is a lot of room for user error. A good thing is that it’s very hard to overdose and burn plants.

In general, organic nute systems tend not to cause burning. You had also been on this forum for months researching your grow before you started. :grinning:

The original poster already said he feels in over his head. :grinning:

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