I have no idea what am i looking for

Good afternoon, Can someone please help me, this is my first time growing marijuana, can you please tell me if its ready or do i have to do something else. Thank you


Hello there and welcome to the forum. Do you know what strain you have there. It does look like it’s on it’s way out to be honest :slightly_frowning_face:

no, I have no idea.
Smells very strong and fresh :slight_smile: . sticky when you touch it. I don’t know I had big hopes. why do you think it’s not good anymore?

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Examining trichomes under magnification is the sure way to tell, but if you lack that ability and want an opinion based on looks, then yes, it looks done to me.


I would harvest that immediately! In the future, the hairs that start coming out ( calyx’s) look like this

Once they shrivel and are mostly all brown or red
Like this

Its time to look at the white frostly crystals in the bud meat, you can see that here

Have a real close look at those and they look like crystal stems with a blob of goo on top. When all the blobs are cloudy, and maybe some of the blobs are rust colored… your buds are good to go! If the trichomes ( blobs ) are all rusty colored your dope is over mature and will be like smoking tranquilizers! Still smokable, just super couchy and probably not as terpine filled as a bud with mostly cloudy trichomes.


Your first grow is like a training grow buddy. You’ve just let her go too far and she has started to degrade. On a plus note you have grown a tidy cola there. Like the guys have said, get her chopped down, trimmed and dried. The drying process needs to be done carefully as well. This will take a few days but you’re going to need to keep an eye on the humidity as you go. Do you have any way of doing that. The sweet spot is 62% and is difficult to get spot on without some way of measuring it :sunglasses:


Seems like your looking for me…to hit a few rips of that with you :joy::rofl:

Yeah sorry but that has gone way too long it looks like a combination of over growing meaning you let it go too long and Bud rot, you can try smoking it it’s going to be very harsh and it’s not going to have a good taste but maybe you could harvest the trichomes and at least have some keef

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thank you I hope it is not a tranquilizer :slight_smile:

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lol be my Guest

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Looks good to me. I see purple, not bud rot. Besides if that was bud rot it would have disintegrated when you trimmed it.

Enjoy your homegrown!

When you do your next go round look into topping and LST. Grow yourself more than one of those fat tasty colas.


When you trim keep an eye out for an ammonia smell, that’s a sure sign that all is not good. Also pop the bud open, I’ve seen healthy looking bud being grey/black colour inside when pulled apart :sunglasses:

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Same here. No visible bud rot there.


I’ve seen this too however given the size of the harvest and the fact they only got one nice big bud out of it I know if it were me I’d be hard-pressed to tear that fucker open just on a chance.

Once it’s dried and cured and you’re ready to smoke it you’ll be tearing it apart anyway and if you see anything that looks or smells bad just throw it out. At this point if there’s any problems there’s no remedy for it anyway other than trashing it. That said I think you’re fine.

Do you know what strain that was or was it bag seed? Did you get a few cold nights in your location with that plant outside? Cold-weather and genetics play a role in those purple colors expressing themselves. There’s definitely folks would would be thrilled to be harvesting delicious purple buds like that. Hell, I know at least one guy who used to put an air conditioner in his indoor grow room in the last few weeks of flowering just to get the temps down low and get those blues and purples to pop

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I’m in Washington DC we had a couple of cold nights.
I have no idea what I have, I was lucky to find a seed and planted.

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High-quality seeds aren’t expensive, compared to the value of the flowers they produce.


it was my own first experiment, from now on I will get good seeds and try to grow more

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You even have local seed banks in DC.

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I hear you :rofl::rofl: