I have never grown what I consider an adequate root mass

I use baking soda for Ph up and distilled white vinegar for Ph down. Could this be a problem with growing an adequate root mass? Do you think I should switch to some commercial Ph up and Ph down and if so, why?

I suggest you download and read our " Free Grow Bible"

Those home PH adjusters will not keep your PH stable.

You are right. My Ph is not stable. Do you recommend diluted sulfuric acid (battery recharge pack) for Ph down and if not what do you recommend and what do you recommend for Ph up? I really appreciate your response. I have been almost totally unsuccessful in all of my attempts at growing this product. I am going to lean on you guys for guidance. I have ordered White Widow and Gold Leaf seeds from ILGM. I mailed my cash payment on 4-6-2015, received a shipping conformation on 4-15-2015 and received my gift on 4-24-2015. Great effort on the part of ILGM. If there is some place where I can post your great results on this order where should I post it as a recommendation for ILGM. I have read your Grow Bible and have read it completely once, most of it at least twice and lots of other articles on your site. Everything on the site is very helpful but I have some questions remaining. You will hear those in the upcoming days, weeks or months. Good luck to you. Keep it green.

Unstable pH in your root zone could certainly contribute to slow developing root-mass.

Commercial pH Up/Down kits are not that expensive at all, and often come with a bottle pH drops to check the pH levels as well. They are a great place to start in my opinion.

Using a sulfuric acid works well also, and there is no harm in using it. In the long run, it is a much more affordable pH Down than buying the commercially available stuff that usually is made of mostly phosphoric acid, and you can sometimes find cheaper by looking for food grade concentrated phosphoric acid.

I’m not really sure of any easily obtainable alternative to the commercially available pH Up that would work in a similar manor and be equally as good for soil and hydro.

For most indoor growers, pH down is used a lot more, as most household water or tap water has a high pH, usually between about 7.5 and 8.0 pH. And, as should be well known, the target pH for soil is 6.5 and hydro is 5.8.

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