I have never grown before

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

I have never grown before. This year my state will allow 2 mature and 4 immature plants at any time. If I get White Widow Auto Fem seeds, how long should I wait between my 1st & 2nd planting?


With autos probably 6 to 8 weeks.


@ILGM.Zoe tell them to join. Congratulations :balloon::champagne: What state this year is letting you grow recreationally! This should be its own thread haha.

Here’s my situation: I live in northern New England, a couple hours north of Boston and about an hour south of the Canadian border, 44°N latitude. While it will be legal for me to grow this year, it’s not something all my family & friends would approve. So I can’t grow at home, but I do have a secluded spot outdoors. The danger of frost is over by end of May, and I have until the end of September for growing. So I need something that matures fast. Based on my research I decided to try White Widow Auto Feminized hybrid for my first attempt. Auto Silver Bullet is my 2nd choice.
My plan is to germinate the last week of May, and put the seedlings in the ground beginning of June. My site is open to sunlight, even though surrounded by woods, and close to water (an abandon beaver pond). If I understand the WWA life cycle, the vegetative stage would finish sometime in July for a harvest before the end of September.
Does this sound reasonable? Are there other factors I should consider?

Wish me luck

Good luck! :slight_smile: