I have never cropped before

Here are my four ladies. I have a small tent 2 1/2 x 2 1/2. I might have bitten more that I can chew. I have 3 autos and one gold leaf fem. They are taking over I didn’t expect autos would get that big. I need to crop. Whats the best way of knowing what to remove?


@zee done his recently. But really 4 plants in a 2x2? I can barely fit 3 in a 2x4.


I just pulled my Blueberry Kush Auto. She was small but this was my first successful auto grow. My other Auto is wider than a 15 gallon fabric pot by Vivosun.


2 1/2 x 2 1/2 small I know. I am new and they are growing like crazy. Funny thing is the gold leaf is the smallest but very very beefy. That is the one thats going to get the height. I might have to move her out side and take my chances. Keep the autos in the tent.

I am only in 3 1/2 gal pots

Yeah, you going to have to pull some out, or super SCROG. If you top, they will just get bigger (wider). I heard you shouldn’t top/crop autos, I wouldn’t know.

I have a scrog! Should I just install it see how it goes? I have 3 that are 12 days behind the biggest. Will that matter?

If I were you, from my understanding, I wouldn’t do anything to them if they are autos. I don’t think, according to the picture, it’s how wide but how tall. You have plenty of space width wise, at least to my untrained eyes.

Question about your blueberry kush. I am strain ignorant so forgive me. I grew ILGM Blueberry auto (Afghanistan (indica) and Thailand (Sativa). The sativa is a mix of Thai and Purple Thai sativa). It was also compact and a great grow. Is your blueberry kush different than what I grew. I am wondering about the kush part. Did you catch a photo?

@beardless This is what mine is crossed with.


Sweet!! :+1:t2::stuck_out_tongue::sunglasses:

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Thanks appreciate the reply and info.

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She has a pretty strong smell as well. This was my first strain I bought. First seed didn’t sprout but I am glad I revisited her 2 years later.

Haha 4 plants in a 2 x 2? Id flip those lights to 12/12 IMMEDIATELY. Your already going to be cramped for space.

How tall are they from the floor? And how tall is the tent?

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now i call that is patience. The first time I dropped seeds, they didn’t sprout after a couple of days so I dropped 5 more. Ended up growing 9 autos the first run. It was a bit if a cluster.

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2 and a half x 2 in a half ft. 6 ft tall the tent.

the plants are 23 inch from ground. 6 foot tent

That is so funny. I did that as well. I had 8 photo plants and 6 died because my White Widow hogged all the light. The WW gave me 5 small mason jars. I think they was a oint size. The VA Hospital taught me patience. I waited and complained for 20 years to get a MRI fonally done. :crazy_face::crazy_face::crazy_face:

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that’s not a lesson in patience. That is cruelty.


The Veterans Administration takes a Conservative healthcare to a whole new level. Sad but true…and they are still not being held accountable.