I have lime questions that need an answer

I have a ph around 5 and need it up!
So all I have available to me in my market is pellet lime. My question is how much lime should I be dissolving in a gallon of water
The girls are doing great in 5 gallon pots but are mostly roots right now and watering is the only source for nuuts to be effective
Any help is much appreciated
Thanks folks

I would just use a little at a time and test it till you get where you need… i use these crystal stuff for down and it has not measurements just say add check and add more if need

Are you saying the soil is 5 or your water?
If you need to raise the pH of the water there are ways.
Baking soda comes to mind.

Soil needs it

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Water in at a much higher PH and to liberal run off. What’s your water source PH?

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Only in a pinch. Baking soda adds sodium to the plant and can build up quickly to toxic levels.

Silica often raises pH.

Also look for dolomite (dolomitic lime) as a ceramic supply. It may be more readily available as a different “type” of material but I can confidently assure you that dolomite is the same thing they sell you in garden supply stores. :v: Different target audience so different branding.

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