I have leaf miners and what else? Some sort of mite!

Bug problem

Leaf miners and what else? Some sort of mite!

Are these bug eggs? I’m pretty sure some of the brown things are coco that blew up from electrostatic spraying. Others I think are dead mites? Just have one plant that I can’t get to green up and I pulled some leafs. Everything seams to radiate from that plant I tossed it.Got a new microscope and it is 1800x am I just so close it just part of the plant and with so much light it is making look like an egg. Pulled leafs from all the plants they all have some of it. Some more than others. I could not find one crawler but it looks like an exoskeleton molting in a few of the pics. Let me know what you think. Definitely leaf miners pretty sure spider mites slugs lay eggs like that but they would be bigger? The plants on the other side of the room had much much less and no leaf miners. But a couple pics look like them but I have to remember it is 1800x. Need some advice I treated it like any kind of mites there is and leaf miners. I went seriously nuclear on them with systemic and contact knock down. Along with cold fogging the room. So that could be a good reason there is no crawlers. Just need to know for sure what I am fighting

Did you mean to post a picture.

@DRsDank I think there’s a hyperlink to pics at the very beginning of his post. Link is titled “bug problems”.

What he said at the very top

Oh I get it did not know of that function. Never seen it before. Thanks

You can get boy load 5 pics so this can s a much easier way. It the icon that looks like a chain right above

I don’t have a clue what you just said.

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