I have harvested buds that were prematurely dried. Can i use them to make bubble hash with?

From a fellow grower:

I need to find out if i can salvage all of my last harvest by converting it to hash? It didn’t taste right and gave a friend of mine headaches when he smoked it. I didn’t cure it long enough.

Yes can use - even if dried prematurely - – Did you flush your plant’s? - to get rid of all the nutrients,ect you have used - that’s where the headackes are coming from - smoking nutrients - need to flush your plants at least one week - two weeks better. One learns something new each grow - not to worry

Thanks for the response. I’m confused when you say flush your plants for a week or two. Does that mean daily or once a week before harvest?

flush means rinse soil thoroughly once with ph’d water than water as per usual from that point on if you have a ppm meter you can track what you put in and what comes out if you do full 2 week flush you can occasionally avoid rinse depending on how much water your plant uses. Each water should be correct ph and 10-20% run-off if you notice fast ppm drop between waters 2 weeks of water will do the trick if not a rinse is in order.