I have had an issue with my soil

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

I have had an issue with my soil, bought a ph tester, my pots are running from high fours to fives, and the plants are showing a phosphorus deficiency, that I feel is being caused by the ph not allowing the plant to absorb it. I am curious to know the best way to raise it, and do I need to flush my soil, havnt used very much fertilizer, but did transplant to much much larger pots when I transplanted then go hit with a ton of rain and the soil couldn’t disperse all the water so leaves were curling inward and upward, yellowing and dieing, at this point most of the plants have come around except my white widow autoflowers they still have very yellow tips and dark green centers, have not watered for a bit because ive been trying to let soil dry up and it is, just not sure what to do next don’t wana do anything to drastic without consultation, the plants were awesome im very happy with your end I feel that I must of had done something wrong, I started in two batches only had one that didn’t sprout the first batch and 4 on the second batch would take any advice posibble

Firstly did you calibrate your tester?

My two cents…what I do in soil is add a little Dolomite to it and water it in.

That said since I have started mixing it in with the soil mix when making it up have never had any issues since… touch wood.

After you calibrate your ph meter check your run off with it. If it’s still low flush your pot with ph water till you get 6.5 running out of the bottom of the pot. Then put some dolomite lime or Dimaticous Earth on top of the soil. Maybe drill a couple more drain holes in the bottom of the pot for your next big rain storms.