I have four isolated seeds that I have no clue what the sex is, week one of 12/12 light schedule

The seeds are GG, Girl Scout & 2Green Crack…I have collected the seeds over time and decided to try them out, there our separated from my female plants in different room…my question is should I look at these four plans as not so much of a lost & keep the seeds or mabe they just might be female or at lease one, & if one happens to be female should I take her out immediately and put her with the other females? My first time growing seeds I don’t know the sex

If you mentioned it, I missed it, but are these seeds from flowers you purchased, or seeds sold by breeders?

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Sorry didn’t mention, these seeds that I don’t know the sex Our from some really great weed ive smoked over the years, my females that our in my other tent our from Mephisto & Humboldt right now image|375x500

There from random people no breeders

Check for hairs or balls at the node connection area. The should br showing sex any day now

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So then the question is how did they get pollinated.

There are numerous possibilities, but most aren’t good and some are downright bad. You don’t want hermaphroditism-prone plants in your house, or at least most growers wouldn’t. It’s just not practical to isolate your female plants once pollen starts flying.

It can be really difficult to spot a pollen sac on a mostly female plant, so even if you’re vigilant you will probably still miss them.

If you want to keep them, perhaps keep all of them in vegetative growth until your current feminized crop is done. Try to tend to the female plants first so you don’t carry pollen with you between tents. And keep an eye at all the internodes for sacs, even if a plant has female flowers.



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@KeystoneCops thank you, honestly I think I’m just going to get rid of them never shoulda of started them & my fems at the same time, thought with them being in a separate room from the fems the girls would be ok but I just don’t want to take that risk over a “random project”

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@Chasworks si far I haven’t seen anything I check the “random seed tent” last before I go in for the day but as @KeystoneCops stated I just don’t think I wanna take the risk

@KeystoneCops is it to late to go back to 18/6? It’s been one week of 12/12

Should be fine. If a plant freaks out over that then it was probably going to anyway.