I Have Found A Dream

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks.

“I would like to join ur kind of work on how to grow my own weed and use it as pro f it…but is it legal and who would i sell it all to?..would it be different dispenseries?”

Well congratulations on your dream to grow Marijuana. Here they are a number of knowledgeable people that can teach you to be the best, however it’s more for self sufficiency. Probably some members may sell their’s but it is not aloud on the forum so please be aware of that.

Glad you found your dream! It will depend on where you live if it’s legal and who you sell to. In some states it’s legal to grow but not to sell. Where I live you used to be able to grow as a caregiver for several patients and sell any overage to the dispensary. But in November the legislature changed that because they said they couldn’t regulate it (it was really because they weren’t getting their cut of the $). So besides doing your research on here and learning everything about the grow cycle, you will need research your local and state laws too. Best of luck to you. It’s an exciting time.