I have eight crystals 4' tall, I didn't like the looks of things so I put them directly into the ground

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

I have eight crystals 4’ tall they were in five gallon grow pots, fox farm ocean forest soil, Ph seven at roots calcium deficiency I didn’t like the looks of things so I put them directly into the ground. Gave them a shot of molasses water 1 tbs, botanicare cal mag ,kelp meal top dress, two days they perked up, they look good. Do you have any suggestions in regards to what else you think I should do? never grew in ground before, maybe nine weeks left till cold, also been ninety ° days sometimes forties nights. we have good mountain soil plus I see pre flowers. Fingers crossed any suggestions to make it till harvest would be greatly appreciated. :peace_symbol:

Ph is a little on the hI side. But other than that everything sound good.

Give us some pics.

Depending on your location you should have 2-4weeks before they start going into full flower. The preflowers are because of the light schedule change. You could open up the plant a little by tying branches back and giving the lower potential bud sights more sun, (I say this without knowing what you’ve got going on).