I have been using PH Down


Hello all, my water filtered from the tap has a ph of 7.2 and I have been using the product PH Down. basically acid, and I have been reading that its not the desired chemical to use. Can any of you offer something different. Thanks for the help. Here are my girls 7 weeks, burned my tips again. Dang it. Guess I will be trying again. :slight_smile:Uploading… Uploading… Uploading…




Do you use ph down on the water before you add the nutrients? The ph can drop off significantly when you add nutes you may be just about right with no ph down at all .


You are in late flower which your leaf coloration ratio looks normal to me , cause in bloom the plant will loose that lush green coloration due to the high level of potassium and pho sprout for flowering , and the plant uses what’s left of the nitrogen in the stored cells is why your leaves turn a pale greenish , yellowish color . Many also used that pattern as an indication of your plant ripening in late flower . I don’t think it’s from the PH down salts , the ph down just helps lower your water traces of chlorite , aluminum , and other chemicals that tap water systems used to purify the water as suitable to drink , but if you pour in your ph water at the right ranges to what your run off readings are and it’s been consistent obviously you made it to flower , than I don’t think it’s your ph down causing the discolor , I think your plants is in late flower and have used most nitrogen in the chlorophyl of the plants stored energy and bout to finish in the next couple weeks are so , unless you already started flushing ?


Thank you for the comments. I use Fox Farm Ocean. I add my nutes then adjust with General Hydroponics PH Down aiming for 6.2-6.7. My runoff hits 6.7. I did a flush between using bloom boost and THC boost. Thought I had mag def so added a little epson a about 12 days ago. Aiming to have the best grow possible. Thank you Yoshi and Oldstoner. Appreciate the input.


Vinegar works


I use raw unfiltered apple cider vinegar. Still has good stuff in it since it hasn’t been distilled.

I’ve read that vinegar is unstable, but that may just apply to hydro grows. Before joining here, I didn’t pH anything! Now I know better!!!

My grow has naturally done better, but I have no idea if my use of raw vinegar was the best way to go.

It’s worked, so I continued…