I have been unable to make seeds to sprout

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

Thanks so much. I did receive my seeds but have been unable to make anything sprout…yet. Three down; two to go. Three seeds germinated in water but did not sprout after a week in damp soil. No grow lights available, just hot Texas sun. Maybe my soil is too wet or the seedlings were planted too deep, or the temp is just too hot. I did keep the small pots covered with plastic. I will try again but vary my method a bit (less sun, less moisture, with the seedlings planted just below the soil surface). Any suggestions?


Sound like you got it figured out this time👍

Welcome to the forum! You should join us here and let we can help u out along the way. Most place/soak their seeds in water for 24 hrs then place in a “damp” paper towel (not wet damp) in side a baggie and place in a warn dry place. Light or sunlight isint a issue at this point. Once you see a tail pop out of the seed u can plant it in your soil or what ever medium your going to use. keep the soil moist (mist with a spray bottle) but not wet. Biggest mistake made by new growers is over watering. Good luck this time hope this helps…

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Yes. If your soil is too wet it becomes more compact. Too compact n the seed can never push its way out.
I recommend: You presoak your soil (it will last at least a week). Then after the 24 hr bath, you use the paper towel method. Maybe 12-16 hours you should see a small root. Turnover a bit of your presoakd soil so its not compact then plant maybe the tip of your pinky finger deep. Finally push a piece or two of dirt over the hole. DO NOT BURY THE SEED. Just cover it up. Good Luck. And join us for the fun. :+1:t5:

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