I have been thinking a LOT about the lights out cycle

I have an auto flower going, but what if it is just as critical for THEM to have longer darkness as an ordinary plant?

What helps, and what hinders - this is a huge question…

PLEASE comment


PS: The dark cycle, or “LIGHTS OUT” seems to me to be the “Healing Time” of the plant - so if we shorten it, they can’t do what is expected without being in the dark - can they?


For “HYPERTROPHY” to take place, there must be an adequate “RECOVERY” period…
How this applies to plants may be similar.

Cut it too short and no real growth is possible

(this is specifically in reference to the flowering state)

IE: You have an auto flower plant beginning to flower. You DO NOT HAVE TO cut the light hours back, but what is the difference if you do or do not?

Do autoflower plants do best with a normal light cycle protocol?

(stress being stress)

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I dropped them down from 18/6 to 15/9 because they would wilt a little


More comments asked for…

Its proven that they do better under 18hrs min they will grow and mature just fine under 12/12 but size and yeild will suffer. 24 hr cycle has been proven to give larger yeild slightly however its not equal to the added power consuption therefore not worth it.

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The ruderalis side is used to longer days shorter nights and in a shorter time frame so it could beat those Siberian winters. I believe thats how the story goes.