I have been studying up on germination

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

I have been studying up on germination. I want to do this right and not lose my seeds.
My question is , is it possible to soak the seeds in water and when they crack open and the tail begins to emerge can I plant them in a biodegradable pot while being covered with a clear dome? If so should they go under a light? Eventually I’d like to place them in my hydroponic 5 gallon buckets.

I wouldn’t crack them open no, let them do their thing. If they have a taproot showing chances are they will pop out of the soil.

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How i do mine is like this
Room temp min. 65 degrees
24 hours soak in cup until they sink sometimes you need to tap them to get them to sink
Once they sink and should have cracked open
i take them and place in a moist paper towel for another 24 hours
I place towel in plastic bag to
Prevent drying out i do leave bag open tho
After 24 hour they should have tap roots 1/4 to 1/2 inch long at which point you can place in medium-of choice
I use promix bx and starter cups my self
I dont care for the biodegradable pots myself
Why dont you jokn is here on the forum so we can guide you to harvest
Happy growing :v:️ CB


I’ve taken your advice & ran with it. Both taproots were safely & happily planted on 5/21. It seem both of my northern lights love the temp and humidity.
I’ve placed them together yet apart in their original minds .
I’m not certain how long it will be before they’re placed in the hydro pots ?
I’m taking pictures every other day and I’m enjoying them both.
As crazy as it sounds my girls are Thelma & Louise.
Thank you for your welcome. I apologize for my late reply.

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