I have been advised to turn my farm into a worm farm to harvest castings. Thoughts?

I was advised that if I take my farm and start raiaing worms to harvest castings, I coudl make a smalll fortune.

Have any of you had any experience with worm farming? I would love to sstart a discussion.

I am leaning strongly towards doing this, but i need ot research the viability myself.

Thanks forward for any insight you all may provide. lw


Do whatever makes the most money lol could have multiple sections for multiple things, weed, wormcastings, more weed, could make and sell your own soil. Whatevee makes you happy. But it sounds like a good idea. Never know unless you try

Thanks, but weed is out on the farm. I have applied for Hemp, but our state is trying o screw the hemp farmers, so I passed. I have to grow veggies or produce another more profitable sustaining …sonething.

This guy know what he is talking about. I may get back into Hemp just to breed seeds which is a much safer option, than flower, which was outlawed in my state after 1 year by the State cops getting involved and injecting their will on our agriculture dept. It sucks…thus the idea to raise and sell worms for fishing and castings.

Thanks for you supportthough. Peace


If you have a ready supply of input material that would be helpful. On a large scale they can really chomp through some serious amounts of veg.


Like the topic, I was planning to setup a castings environment this month. Was planning to get 1000 worms to start to munch down on some of my halfway compost and latter munch on the endless supply of bamboo leaves.

So, I am coming to the ocnclusion that I need to research what to feed worms, although I believe they ear almost anything. I have all kinds of Oak and Maple leaves, and every kind of weed you can imagine.

Thanks guys. this thread will probably go on for a long time. I am going to try and arrange to do a show with our friends on raising worms in the near future. I am sure many would benefit from hearing from a successful expert.


One thing to keep in mind - if you want maximum $ for your worm crap you wanna be generating organic worm crap which means you wanna feed them organic food.

That said I’ll bet you could work something out with a restaurant or grocery store to take their veg waste. Grocery store would be good

When I had them in the past it would depend on the farm.

So when I get my new ones, I will have 1000, I plan to have their container ready with a blend of their soil and some compost. I don’t heavy load it as being in their new environment they aren’t going to eat as much while they get settled. After a few days, I give them a liquid feeding (vegetables, some dead grass, leaves, etc) blend it in a blender to make like a worm slushy. I pour that in the home and they are good for a week. I check on them to ensure there is no more food visible, this generally tells me to feed them. I do the blender feeding for three weeks. This is speeding up their growing numbers. Liquid is easier less energy on their part and it will get babies to start really munching on food that gets put in there. The more diverse a feeding I found helped than when I would just put the same type of food in their home. Keep a weight of the initial container and worms. This will make it easier to know when their colony is ready to be divided.

The best thing to stay away from is anything citrus or meat. This can lead to big problems in the colony.

Very cool. I have that all available here and a producer/produce store relationship, I can call on for veg scraps.

Thanks guys.

No citrus and meat; common sense. :point_left:

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Are you planning to just get the tea or the soil from them?

I was only ever using mine for the tea for bonsai trees. Pretty much was the only nutrients they needed.

No. I plan on using my Certified grower status with USDA and market the product. An amendment.

Perhaps market worms for local fishing with the certified sticker on it.


This is a really neat topic.

Might be a silly question, but how would one keep the worms and the worm poop separated?
Wouldn’t it make harvesting the castings easier?

There is a process. I am sure there are many vids a utube thatone could peruse in order to start educating one’s self. I plan on doing that, but I know a ocuple successful folks, and I want to see if they will do a podcast with me.

Meanwhile; 100% I would go to utube. and feel free to post utube videos here if you do, in order to help the learning process. I plan on doing the utour…

Meanhwile, I was really interested in finding like minded members, in order to share ideas, and to find anyone who might already be practicing this concept.

There is so much involved wiht compost, and raising worms. I know that their will be flies. So; We have to have an expectation that we have to control flies. Well, this brings us to Soldier lfies that will eat the pest flies. Here is the cool. I know by now, you are thinking…but, what happens when the Soldier flies eat all the other flies? Don’t you have more isses?

The answer is no. Once the Soldier flies have eradicated the other pests; They eat themselves or go find other pray. :smiley:

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I gotta hit up utube. I would be willing to share in the learning experience.
I have a 8x8 organic raised garden bed that is currently empty. I’m sure with a little research I can turn it into a worm bed.

That would be awesome.

Soil food web, no-till gardening and natural farming are an extremely viable optin using worms.

Even some friends in aquaponics practicing the dual root zone have worms in the top zone.

Raiswe bed. Let’s do it!

Definitely check youre local grocery store they have produce thats thrown out daily in big amounts alot of the time you talk to them they will give it for free and charge very little for it

I think it’s a great idea givin the current climate. The cannabis industry isn’t going anywhere and there will be a demand for quality castings. Would be good to get your name out there early. We already know you’ll produce a quality product, may be a good idea before others jump.on the cannawagon.

I have two small worm farms. I don’t use it on my girls yet though, I am to new to growing and in time I will try and experiment.

Couple of suggestions from me for what is worth on the worms.
As previous post no meat, citrus. Also onion.
They love coffee grinds!!! I hit up my local cafe and they give me a garage bag full.

I use a two section compost tumbler - one side has coffee and the other kitchen scraps.

As the kitchen scraps can take weeks to break down and worms only eat once the food is broken down. So after three weeks I tip some into a bucket 3/4 veg and 1/4 coffee.

When you feed, do a line of food at the top of the soil. That way when they come to the top to eat they are rubbing against each other and that is how they reproduce.

Always keep the soil moist. The water run off is black gold! Feed it to your plants.

What’s the potential for making a profit? How much space and best containers. I’m looking to get out of the veterinarian field!

I am in the process of scehduling the meetings necessary for me to figure all that out. If I can find it, I will share the podcast whereas this was mentioned, or perhaps schedule an appearance in order to talk over the setup and necessary system breakdown. If I so the show, I will let you all know when it is going to air. We usually do a live show, so you ll can ask questions of the expert in the chat during the show.

Glad you brought this up, because I need ot get going. I understand it is fairly inexpensive overall, and yes there is a profit to be made for sure.