I have banana kush autoflowers and the leaves are starting to die, curling down and browning?

I heard the opposite … nitrogen leechs from tree bark

I believe what the mulch is made up of is going to depend what effects it will have. Some mulch is nutritious while others are just for looks.

@Gsi123 it might be hard to flush all the time release nutes out of that. Maybe sledgehammer could help?

Yeah, way too much for weed growing! The more you water the more you release! You could flush it to death and still not get it down enough. Maybe periodically mix your ph low and then high and out of nitrogen uptake range? This will hurt the plant too, but may help you limp it home! I would think about FFHF, FFOF or maybe coco for your next run!


Okay thanks I’m going to try the sledgehammer I guess

Do you think all this could be from fungus knats I had fungus knats day 30 and I just looked at the plants and I saw one or two? Should I water the plants with triple action neem oil?

I wouldn’t give anything but water and only as much as I had to! You should be able to control the gnats with a spray and sticky pads, but you need to spray every 3-4 days until gone!

Are u in flower or veg for concerned plants

I never use neem but I know its bud tainting taste wise and harmful to health if smoked but I can’t tell ya first hand

Their in flower

Get Capt. Jacks Dead Bug and alternate with 9/1 water/peroxide for flowering! You can also use food grade DE to kill adults!

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