I have ants but nothing else I think?

I have ants, but I have not been able to identify any other pests. I got a microscope that hooks to the computer by USB and I have not seen any pest other than ants. I believe it could have been the molasses I used. Everything I’ve researched has said if you have ants it points to More Pests but I don’t see any.

I have used diatomaceous earth with cinnamon and ilgm big blast. I placed it on top of soil and also made a spray that I applied . Plants look happy.

I’m indoors with 4x4 tent. I can’t find an ant trail so I’m wondering if the ants where in soil/coco mix I bought?

Anybody have a thought on what I should do ? Or if I should not do anything?

If you are using molassis and got ants then you probably have aphids too as ants carry them from place to place with them because they have a symbiotic relationship. The ants transport the aphids and the aphids eat plants and secrete a sugar through their skin that the ants love to eat


wow, that is some great information.


Oh thanks glad i could help


@Medicineman33 Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!! It’s too early for bad news bro! Hahah , crap

First I completely believe you. I got this scope https://www.amazon.com/Microscope-40X-1000X-M and I have been combining my plants. I can’t find anything. Maybe they are quick ? This is the first time I ever had a pest so…

I bought Captain Jacks bug spray . I have done cinnamon and diatomaceous earth. I guess I will apply the Captain jacks.

Its not going to hurt anything to give them a couple sprays and it should end the problem. It could be that the molassis you are using is attracting the ants but aphids usually ride on the ants

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Spray at lights out it will work better for you

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Thanks for sharing this information, I did not know this. :slightly_smiling_face: never too old to learn something new. Especially on the forum :clap:


@Medicineman33 is right the ants carry aphids larvae place on plants and collect honey dew

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Best ant treatment I have ever found.

For a couple days it looks like it makes the problem worse as this stuff is like “Ant Crack” and they will swarm it. But it will eliminate the entire colony.


Thanks everybody for the great info!


Nature is crazy lol