I have an issue with the RoyalGorilla. my yield was much smaller than usual

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks\


have an issue with the RoyalGorilla. It showed an abnormal leaf shape early on. I assumed it was just the new type. However, as it grew to maturity my yield was much smaller than usual. As I looked for solutions to the problem I saw articles on Mosaic virus. It described my issue exactly. Although it was generally thought to mainly affect tobacco plants it is purported to being found on cannabis. It is spreading to the other types in my room quickly. Eradicating the affected ones was my only course of action.Please advise

do what you can with what you have,then try ilgm seeds and you won’t have to worry so much…
join us here on the forum,and share pictures,maybe we could help more…

fill this out as well please

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Strain; Type, Royal Gorilla feminized purchased from (ILGM)

Soil in pots

System type: manual

PH of runoff or solution in reservoir?Not checked

What is strength of nutrient mix?


Light system, led 1,0000watt

Temps; Day77Night74
Humidity; Day45-60Night45-60

Ventilation system; Yes, Size 5,000btu AC

De-humidifier, Yes

Co2; No