I have a small spidermite infestation, but I'm about to chop the plants

Hey guys, as the title says, I have a small spidermite infestation. There aren’t really any webs, but I can see the bastards on the leaves. I’ve tried chopping the infected leaves, but to no success. I’ve tried 2 sprayings with cannacure, still no luck. Because I’m about to harvest, I was rwading up through the forum, and read that people were chopping the buds off, and bathing them in poroxide and water? I have 2 questions.

  1. How do I do this? I heard 1 to 9 peroxide to water, but what peroxide do I used, and where should I order from? Do I soak the buds in there for a period of time, then rinse them or what? Sorry, I’m incredibly new to pests.

  2. Is this actually the best method? My plant is definitely ready to chop, but I don’t just want to hang it for those bastards to ruin the bud I’ve spent so long growing. Are there any other products that you’d recommned for spraying/treating? Should I prolong harvest until they all seem tyo be irradicated? I’m so confused.

If more info is needed, i’ll fill out the standard support ticket, but I’m using soil in a tent. I’ll also chuck some pictures up too shortly.

That is the last time I let the misses talk me into putting plants from outside in my grow room :frowning:

You can get peroxide in local pharmacy was buds in peroxide then throughly rinse with water hang to dry and peroxide every inch of your tent

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Can you describe what you mean by wash the buds? I don’t want to remove trichomes. And also, how long do I wash them for?

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Watch this video and it will give you a better understanding of what’s going on with the bud wash. You use 3% hydrogen peroxide as for the mites they will get out of hand real quick so keep spraying. I use dish soap and peppermint oil. It kills them stone dead. You need to spray daily as well because they reproduce at an incredible rate. After this grow is finished you will need to do a complete disinfect of your grow space. Bleach, hydrogen peroxide, anything like that to clean your space. I’ve had mites for ages so my next step is to clear my current grow out, bleach the place and light sulphur candles everywhere. I will put a plant in and see if they reappear once I’m happy that I’m clear


After you chop them…

Take a 5 gallon bucket, fill it with regular water from a hose (a shower soaker attachment is best for the whole process). Add about a cup of 3% hydrogen peroxide and mix it fairly well. If you add the peroxide halfway thru filling, it mixes itself.

Take your buds, and dunk them in the bucket and swirl them around gently for a couple of minutes. Be careful not to scrape the walls of the bucket or swirl too vigorously. This can cause a loss in trichomes or snap your buds.

Try and skim the funk off the top of the water before pulling the buds out. You’ll be shocked at the stuff floating that came from the buds!

Then hang buds and gently rinse with the shower soaker. Shake and tap excess water and let drip dry for maybe an hour, then to your drying area.

It’s scary to think about and actually do. But it is worth it as far as consumption goes. We wash fruit and veggies before eating or cooking, why not our plant medicine?!

Jorge Cervantes on YouTube has a great bud wash video that is worth the watch…

Hope this helps! Good luck and happy growing!!!


Beat me to it!


How long til I chop. Captain Jack’s dead bug might rid of them but a bud wash will def be necessary. L9. Bud wash I 7se 2 bottles of 3% peroxide to a five gallon bucket of water. U can also use baking soda and lemon juice at a quarter cup each per five gallon bucket dissolve both in the water and dip the plants in the buckets and move around let set for 4 or 5 mm ons in the mix to kill off any bad stuff and wash off any big poop bug remains in or dust ect off the buds. Rinse off in fresh water after u soak in the peroxide or baking soda lemon juice mix. U can do both as I have been. I do the peroxide bucket then the lemon and baking soda bucket then rinse and hang over the tub to drip dry for a few hours with a fan blowing on them on high til they don’t feel wet anymore then hang dry in a tent til cure time. Good luck

Oh use Luke warm water also not cold as cold will knock off tricomes u wanna keep on the buds.

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:scream::rofl::rofl: That’s such a good video. I seen you were typing and had a feeling you were talking about the video :sunglasses:


Ya I shoulda just copied the link! Lol


Thank you for all the advice guys! Do you think peroxide would have a much higher chance of killing the bugs over lemon juice and baking soda? I’d rather stay organic if possible


You can do that as well. Just check out videos on it. Lemon juice supposedly helps with terps too. It’s all your preference.


Thanks for all the help with this guys! I think I’m going to try the method with peroxide in 1 bucket, lemon and baking soda in another, and then 2 buckets of room temp water that has been left for 24hours, as a double rinse method. I’ll keep you all updated on the progress, and the end result of the grow, thank you all. I fucking love this community


There are quite a few diff ways of doing bud washes. @arrow has a nice pretty detailed way of washing


Peroxide is amazing stuff. I buy 12% and dilute it to suit. Just remember to buy food grade Peroxide though. Give dish soap a try, about a teaspoon of dish soap, 12 drops of peppermint oil and a gallon of water. The soap coats their skin and blocks their pores so they suffocate. The peppermint oil is more offensive than toxic, it stinks for them and the idea is that it slows the re-infection rate

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I would harvest, then bomb the room three times once every 3 days and spray the walls and floor with floramite


So guys, I trialled this method, with 3% peroxide (half a cup), in a 5g bucket of room temp water. I soaked the branches for 5ish mins, rinsed them off lightly with the shower on room temp heat, and have hung them upside down. I saw on the smaller buds that the spidermites had began an infestation, and the bathing seems to have got rid of a few, but there are a few still there. Anyone else have any suggestions? I’ll upload pictures shortly

Smoke them to. Won’t hurt you a bit. May even dip in chocolate.

Was hoping for some useful information

Has anyone tried Tea Tree oil? We used a mixture of household goods that helped keep insects out of our kitchen. Its safe for animals. I will have to find the recipe in my photos.

I learned this while in South Africa volunteering at the Vervet Monkey Foundation.

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