I have a sex question!

They are in solo cups. I have received some Afghan kush reg seeds. i don’t know whether they are going to be a female or not. Do I just go with the 5 to 7 gallon pots? Or should I go to 2 gallon and Transplant possibly twice? I feel like that’s a waste of expensive soil if they are males.

Here’s a picture just because it’s a beautiful day and it’s the girls first day outside in this big world :grin::grin:

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These are ww autos

If they are not sexed, just plant em in 1 gallon plastic pots, easier to remove than fabric. They should show boy or girl parts by the time they are done with that size of pot.

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Oh and get some white fabric of some kind to shield thise black pots from the sun, you are baking the shiznit out of the roots!
Tyvek works great because it breathes @Grow2020

Thanks! Makes sense it’s my first grow. Would just a cut up sheet do?

Ok I’ll check that out thanks again

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Enjoy the process!

I most definitely am

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