I have a serious issue with Super Skunk!

A customer has a question or concerns and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

“Last year I tried Northern Lights autoflower and Super Skunk. Hands down I prefer the Super Skunk. This year I only planted Super Skunk seeds. The plants did well and are a decent plant to smoke. I do have a serious issue with them. There is nothing skunky about them. Last year plants were over 6 feet tall. The ones I have are 3 1/2 feet tall. Last year you could smell the distinct skunk odor 60 feet from the growing site, in the curing room, in the storage container. You could taste it when smoking and it exploded in your lungs. The plants grown from this shipment, while pleasant, are not skunk in any way. I suspected it all summer as the skunk odor was absent when I visited my plants, during the harvest, dry, and cure. There is no skunk taste when it is smoked and lung explosion is missing. My yield was also less than half per plant from last years grow. The seeds came in two small zip lock baggies with 10 seeds in each. The baggies were each labeled S Skunk=F 10. I have over 44 years experience growing and was born, raised, and live in the country. So I assure you I am an expert on what a skunk smells like and if marijuana is or is not skunk. The plants grown from these seeds you shipped to me most definitely are not skunk something went wrong in the packing process. My grow is an outdoor gorilla grow. My soil is from the rich, fertile land of the Mississippi river delta basin. I did enhance with Miracle Grow on some of them in vegetative state, switching to a blooming formula in flowering stage. Most of my plants received no fertilizer, as it is not needed in this soil. As I said, I am a country boy with 40 years of experience. The pH was 6.85. The seeds came out of two small baggies labeled S .Skunk -F that I received from your company. I have no issue with the way they grew. My issue is that the plants are not skunk. I grew this strain from seeds I received from you last year, and they were very pungent with the aroma of a skunk. This year the seeds that I got from ILGM were not anywhere near the skunk variety. They actually are sweet and pleasant in taste and smell. Whomever put the seeds in the baggies before they were sent to me made an error resulting in me not getting what I wanted or more importantly, paid for. I even gave it the benefit of the doubt until the plants were harvested, dried and cured. However, I did have one or two late ones and am attaching some pics. Sadly, these are in no way representative of what was grown, but if you can argue that they are super skunk by a photo, my hats off to you.”




If you believe that you were sold the wrong seeds, that would be a customer support issue and has nothing to do with this forum.

If you are providing information on your grow, lovely plants, nice looking harvest but plant strains vary greatly from seed to seed, each grow has so many variables that affect aroma that it might be that this year’s harvest lacked something present last year that gave such a lovely aroma. Curing differently will make all the difference.

I’m not saying that it’s on you. What I am saying is these are living things that we are working with, many variables. The only sure way to obtain consistent results is clones off of a mother.