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My white widow autos are not draining and are staying moist. I have them in ffof soil and 3 1/2 g plastic pots. Im thinking i want to add more perlite to the plants but being autos i dont want to stress them. They are only about 4 weeks old. I drilled a bunch of holes in the pots but i dont think that helped much. The tent temp is avg 78f and humidity is avg 57rh. Ventalation 4 in inline 2 fans. I would even trans plant into bigger pots with new medium with much perlite but again not sure what that will do to them. Some are lst. Any thoughts? Ive been checking ph in at 6.8.

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So how much are you watering at a time? 1 gallon? 2 quarts?
And what is your process when watering? All from the top? All at once or with pauses between?
How often have you been watering them?
At 4 weeks old it would depend on how big they are as to how much water they are drinking up.
Some pics would be helpful to see their sizes etc.
I’m no expert with Autos but from what I’ve read the general consensus is that transplanting then can slow them down while recovering from the transplant and can reduce their size at harvest.
Depends on how gentle you can be by not disturbing the roots to up pot ro minimize shock and the growth pause as Autos life is limited and out of our control. They should be getting close to start showing pre flowering stage.
Perlite is a good thing to add to most bagged soil mixes 10-20% more.

I’m sure others with more experience will reply but if you could give us more details with the above questions and some pics that would help us better help you.

First, stop watering lol.

Let them fully dry out before adding. When small you don’t want to water to runoff. This will saturate it and they will drown. FFOF is already set up for cannabis. Direct a fan onto the pots as well. If you decide to transplant, I would recommend fabric pots.


When they went into these pots about 10 days ago i gave all about 8oz of water each with ff nutes. Then since then just water every 4th day. Two days ago gave about 16 oz each expecting to see some drainage. These pics are from yesterday…theyre dark now.

the plants …they are in the dark now cant take better pic.

In the 3 1/2 gallon pots you would need to water 3-4 quarts or more to get run off assuming you don’t water it all at once but with some time in between like 20 min or so. The 16oz won’t be enough for any run off but seems about right for those plants current size. You will end up using more water each time as they get bigger. I just finished a Jack Auto in 3 gallon pot and 2 other autos also in 3 gallon pots and would give them about a gallon when they were in flower with little to no run off as I don’t personally want run off but just want the soil evenly saturated.
When you water pour it around the edges to get the roots to grow out.
I also will flood the saucer at bottom as part of my feed to get the roots to seek down as the water will wick up into the soil from the saucer. Fill it close to full and the water will be sucked up in 10-20 min or less next time you water just save some for the top too. And of course let them dry out in between watering

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