I have a question what is better to grow in a large room, ordinary hemp or vending machinewhat seeds should I buy to be thc 20-25

what seeds should I buy to be thc 20-25

Ilgm seeds all have description and thc content


Girl Scout cookies, LSD,and gorilla glue are some potent strains.


roll a big phat one and read / watch the superb reviews in ILGN Seed Shop…you will not go wrong …they have what you want THC wise and super grow info.

Beware of pretty sites/ seed packs that promise you the world…talk is cheap and so is advertising


ILGM has a menu that allows you to select the strains matching your interests.

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Thank you. what is better, automatic seeds, usually?

no, i think FEM is what you want if you want to discover the joys of THC.
read up FEM’s THC levels in SEED SHOP.

Banana Kush from ILGM is on my Xmas wish list !