I have a question that I have not found in you abundance of info or any where else to be truthful



A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

I have a question that I have not found in you abundance of info or any where else to be truthful.
When curing buds in quart jars. and once the curing process is completed, what would the results be if all of the oxygen in the jar were replaced with carbon dioxide?
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A CO2 environment would promote fungus growth and destroy your harvest. And CO2 is poison to us why would you want to smoke it? And dead cut buds don’t respirate or transpire it would do nothing but corrode.


I don’t believe you would get any benefit from doing that and recommend vaccum sealing to displace air In jars or using a inert gas like nitrogen
Carbon dioxide is only beneficial during the growing stage not during the curing process
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You know this brings up a question of my own. I have read and researched different opinions. I have never cured anything for over a year. I have heard some people say it’s like a fine wine that you can keep curing for years on end and I have heard others say that it reaches a point of diminishing returns on the cure and you shouldn’t cure weed for over a year. Anybody cured that long or does anybody know if it does reach a point of diminishing return in the cure?

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@TDubWilly from what I’ve read on here, that eventually THC turns more into CBN the stuff that makes you sleepy. So old bud makes you sleepy. There might be a more technical process or name for it, but that’s all I got…


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Not sure either. What I figure is around a month give or take, I’m transitioning what’s left into long term storage. I use to vacuum seal it, but it doesn’t hang around long enough. So that now consists of dropping boveda pack in jar.


Once it is cured, I think nitrogen in sealed containers in the freezer would be the best us mere mortals can do. Research labs sometimes have -80 C freezers. I’ve used one when I worked in a research lab.


im my experience 3-6 months depending on strain to reach max potential
If you slow dry you harvest and cure you buds will be smooth and potent
You cam smoke you buds once
Dry it just gets better with age


Sounds like cryogenics like what was done to Luke Wilson in Idiocracy lol. That’s crazy


Yes, it does very much stop degradation of biological solutions. Not useful for tissue because of ice crystal formation breaking cell membranes or cell walls. But good for things in solutions, like complement or antibodies.