I have a question about LED lighting. Please help me

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks.

I have a question about LED lighting. I have done a CFL Grow that turned out pretty well but looking to grow with LED this time. The Question is do i use the same LED for Veg and Flowering? Since the light is purple both red and blue will it work for both or should i veg in Bright White Lights? Can you help me answer this question Thanks Raymond


@Countryboyjvd1971, I can’t remember the username of the guy doing the lights. I know it starts with a d and has 4 letters.

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I use the same 2 LEDs through out my entire grow, seedling to harvest. The white/blue is better for veg cycle, while the red is more important in the flower cycle. I run all colors through out, and just adjust height or intensity (I have dimmable leds) as needed to control stretching (have never had any other light related problems yet)…

I am sure @dbrn32 can give a way better explanation, but that is my understanding of it…


I personally like full Spectrum leds panels and recommend get a light fixture that has uv and ir diodes as well
This way you can use ine fixture threw out a entire grow
A fee light fixtures mfg that are popular on this site that are inexpensive are
Viperspecra , Mezshi , Roleadro and marshydro
All available on Amazon and in 300watt or higher ranges remember to go with actual watt draw when sizing your panel most 300 watt panel will draw less then half of that at the wall


Thanks for the tags @Countryboyjvd1971 @Ron330 @FloridaSon.

Hi Raymond, you can go a lot of different ways with the leds and be successful. The shift has been moving to white leds, but far from what is necessary. If you go with white for full cycle growing, look for color temp of like 3000k-3500k in 80-90 cri. The whites are fairly limited without dropping a few bucks, so make sure you know what you’re getting there. Here’s a pic that should kind of help what you’re looking for. Any of these will be considered a full spectrum light.

If you’re looking at a panel using colored diodes, try to find one where there’s like 1 blue diode for every 4-6 reds. In order for those to be considered full spectrum as @Countryboyjvd1971 suggested, they need to include some whites or a combination of violet, green, yellow, and orange too.

The uv and ir I don’t quite worry as much about. The uv especially when talking leds. Uv is very uncommon and super expensive in leds below 365nm. Most of the scientific data suggesting increases in horticulture from uv are more in the uvb range which is like 320nm. You’re definitely not getting that in a budget led panel from amazon. As long as you get reasonable representation from the blue and some from violet wavelengths without it. The ir is slightly different story. Even with some far reds several have shown slightly faster times to harvest, and it doesn’t even take a lot. I would just suggest to take a look at spectral distribution graphs for each light rather than whatever the manufacturers tell you they have.

The light i want has 67 red and 15 blue thats like 1 in 5 i think. It is full spectrum with IR and UV
Will this be ok from seed to flower @dbrn32 will i need to change to a flower light cycle later in the grow? This is all new to me with LED So all the help is Appreciated :slight_smile:

That should be fine. You’ll need to change hours that light runs with any light if running photo period plants. It’s not as necessary with autos.

I would like to add uv is still important imo even when dealing with leds it will help prevent mold
Just my two cents worth

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I was under the impression that those were functions of uvb and uvc? Not sure why really, but looking for the specific tools designed to do so they’re usually in the 250-315nm range? Wouldn’t surprise me a bit if longer wavelengths at least contribute though.

My biggest directive when it comes to uv with leds is for people to understand what they’re getting. In a led panel that says it has uv, it’s probably a single 385nm diode. Which is barely uv by wavelength, and enough to provide some intensity over a small portion of their floor space. Usually not enough to change the dynamic of a grow too much.

They certainly don’t hurt anything, but it’s probably the last feature I would be concerned about in a standard led panel. Especially when you can supplement uvb with fluorescent for around $50.

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@dbrn32 Another Question for you about LED i saw a light that had two different buttons on it 1 said bloom and the other said veg. Is this just a way to shut off the red lights during bloom and the blue off during veg?


@Rayofsunshine that’s exactly what thise buttons do i woukd run them all on if it was mine tho

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That’s the purpose of the switches, but you have them mixed up. You would want the reds off during veg.

After that I think @Countryboyjvd1971 and most of us agree that you’ll get best results running with both switches on for bloom. We are more focusing red end of spectrum for bud development at that point, but will definitely take the extra photons from other end of the spectrum too.

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Thanks @dbrn32 and @Countryboyjvd1971 1 more month and i will be growing.

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