I have a question about flowering stage

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

I have a question about flowering stage… Accidentaly switched the plant regime to 9 hours of light and 15 hours of uninterrupted dark and it’s been like that for allmost 3 weeks. I am talking about outdoor plant and it’s in the fourth week of the flowering stage. Tell me, should i continue with 9/15 or back to 12/12

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If it’s healthy and soing ok id would leave it alone at this point its been 3 weeks she may try to reveg if you start giving more light
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I would just run with the current schedule. Mother Nature will soon catch up to autumn lighting

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thank you for your input . I had to learn that patience is a virtue. Roberts guide said that it was 52 days flowering inside but was wondering what the time was for outside?


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You can check that out on seed shop site
Id need to look it up
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